Distance Learning: Advance Tips for Children during Covid-19

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Distance learning

Parents may feel pressured to teach their kids in conventional school-based ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is nothing inappropriate for distance learning and studying in playful ways that keep children’s attention while inviting them to have fun. Many studies show that learning is an essential component of play: learning and play are inextricably linked. Playing with grownups is likely to be more stimulating for children

Play allows children to experience a wide range of emotions, not just cheerful ones like excitement and joy. These experiences aid in the emotional and cognitive development of children. Kids know they are studying through play, and a study of 400 youngsters revealed that many of them believed the worlds of play-based learning overlapped in various ways.

Lockdown studying through play can help children develop their natural learning styles by fostering their curiosity and self-direction. Playing with family members may also be necessary for curbing the loss of learning caused by the pandemic, especially for disadvantaged children.

Simultaneously, playing with children is beneficial for limiting stress and enhancing the mental health in parents and caregivers. To help parents and educators, we’ve created a list of tips to keep kids engaged when they’re learning online.

Advanced Tips for Children during Covid-19

  1. Keep distractions to a minimum and ensure the space is practical.

Removing distractions such as other electrical gadgets and monitors will assist your child in succeeding in online learning. The environment should be comfortable, well-lit, and quiet to help your child concentrate.

  1. Promote frequent breaks and stretching, and keep in mind that mental state is just as important as the physical.

It’s challenging to maintain focus when staring at a computer screen for an extended period, so make sure your child takes regular breaks all across the day to rest their eyes and stretch their muscles. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted unnecessary stress in all of our lifestyles, so make sure your child practices healthy habits like eating well and going to bed at the same time every night to help minimize this stress. Encourage your kid to find productive and fulfilling ways to relieve stress as well. This could include playing a game, reading a new book, playing outside, or finding other tasks you can do together.

  1. For a change of pace, turn to learn into a game.

Knowing how difficult it can be to get teenagers excited about learning, we recommend developing programs using a game-based platform that concerns learners to think analytically and apply their teachings to real-life scenarios. Explore thousands of questions and topics on the internet to rekindle their interest in learning.

  1. Maintain contact with your child’s teacher and classmates.

As your child is learning from home, it is essential to remember that they are part of a class with a teacher who can help them as needed. Please make a point of emailing your child’s teacher to ensure they’re on track, and encourage them to organize online study classes with their friends to keep their spirits up.

  1. Encourage your child to expand their knowledge and try something new.

Thanks to a variety of online student-approved resources, you can supplement your child’s lesson plan with various related topics and games. Do they have a specific interest in one topic covered in their class? Several organizations have created comprehensive libraries of science videos, graphics, fun, and interactive to enable the students to delve deeper into the topics they want to learn more about.

  1. Allow for some wiggle room in your child’s timetable.

The advantage of learning from home when they have a set time is that your child will complete assignments on a more flexible schedule. Allowing them to switch between topics and progress at their own pace increases their chances of success significantly. For example, they may focus better in the mornings, which is an excellent time to work on the subjects they struggle with.

  1. Goal-setting and success-rewarding go a long way.

When your child’s isolation never ends, an excellent way to keep them motivated is to reward them. If they finish their reading on time, they might get some extra computer time. Or they get to choose what the family will do that evening because they did well on a quiz. Take the time to recognize their accomplishments, even the minor ones, and you will notice a significant difference in your child’s attitude toward school.

  1. Plan activities you can do together during the day.

If you work from home, another advantage of distance learning is more quality time with your child—plan to share lunches and check in with them during your coffee break. Your child will enjoy the company, and it’s an excellent way to see how they’re doing.

  1. Take your child’s learning outside once in a while.

While they will deliver their learning online at home, you can supplement your student’s learning in the backyard or community. Maybe they’re studying the life cycle of a specific bug, so why not try to find one for yourself? Check to see if any shapes occur naturally in the area if they are learning about shapes.

  1. Include regular classroom activities in your child’s daily routine.

Routine is beneficial to children. Throughout the week, your student’s teacher is likely to plan regular activities. There can be a theme for certain weekdays or exercises together, like reading a book chapter. You can ask your teacher if they have any suggestions to help your child with their at-home learning!

Even if it is impossible to execute these suggestions, keeping them in mind can be beneficial. And as we gain more knowledge about how distance learning works, we can try to improve it—because even after the current crisis has passed, we may need to do it again.

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