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We welcome submissions from aspiring authors. If you have an interesting idea for an article or tutorial, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We value contributions from individuals who can write about the following subjects – Web development, web design, Graphic design, SEO, Industries, Technology, Business, Real Estate, Internet, Education, etc.


Before you start “writing for us” on our website, please take into consideration the following essential points. 

Length Requirement – Your article should be a minimum of 1000 words. Please ensure that your article meets the minimum requirements of word count. We prioritize longer articles as they tend to offer more comprehensive insights and greater value to our readers. 

Originality and Research – Your article must be original and well-researched. All submitted articles must be original, thoroughly researched, and informative. We do not accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere or those that merely rehash existing content. 

Expertise in your field – You should be an expert in your field. We seek authors who are authorities in their respective fields. If you dont consider yourself an expert, we recommend conducting extensive research before composing your article. 

AI Content –  As we talked about it in starting that we only want original content not plagiarised or AI content. Because of the quality we want to give our readers. So (AI content is a big no)

Sources and Links – include credible sources and relevant links. Whenever you make claims in your article, please ensure they are supported by reputable sources and include relevant links. This will enable us to verify the accuracy of your information and enhance your article. 

Proofreading and Editing – Thoroughly proofread and edit your articles Before submission. Please carefully check and run it through a spellchecker. Articles free of grammatical errors and typos are more likely to be considered. 

Relevant and informative infographics – Include relevant and informative visuals. To increase the likelihood of your guest post being approved, consider adding one or more relevant images containing information and statistics related to your article. Avoid including blank or irrelevant images. 

We Don’t Accept Guest Posts 


Self – promotional Articles 

We do not accept articles that are primarily self-promotional and resemble thinly veiled sales pitches. If your article focuses solely on self-promotion, it will be rejected. 

Previously published articles.

We exclusively publish original articles that have not been previously published elsewhere. Only submit your work for publication if it is 100% unique. Articles published on your personal blog or website will not be considered.

Poorly written or researched articles.

All articles must exhibit high-quality writing and provide valuable information. Articles with numerous grammar errors or lacking substance will not be accepted.

Irrelevant articles.

We only accept articles that are relevant to our website and its audience. If your article does not align with our content, it will not be considered.

Insufficient length.

We recommend that articles be a minimum of 800 words. Articles shorter than this may be rejected.

To find guest posting opportunities, you can use the following search queries:

“guest post”

“write for us”

“guest article”


“submit blog post”

“contribute to our site”

“submit guest post”

“submit your content”

“become a guest blogger”

“submit post,” etc.

For specific categories, include the category name in conjunction with the query:

“write for us” Health

“write for us” Education

“write for us” Technology

“write for us” Finance

“write for us” Business

“write for us” Internet

“write for Us” Digital Marketing

“write for us” Real Estate

If you think you have what it takes to write for us, please email it to info@readablevibes.com along with a brief bio.

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