How to Write a Book Description that will Captivate Readers?

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Writing the book is half the work because the other half is marketing the book after publishing it and it takes a lot of planning and competitive analysis.

However, today we are not going to talk about your marketing strategy for selling your book but we are going to talk about one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.

We are of course talking about book description because if you know how to write a good book description you will also know how to get the readers interested when they look at your book online or in a store.

So, What is Book Description?

The easiest way to understand a book description is to think of it as a summary of the book that you as the author will have to write.

Book descriptions are usually present at the back of the book and are typically something that readers generally read in order to get an idea about the book without opening the book.

If you do not want your target audience to judge your book by the cover then this is one way to help them understand what is the book about.

You can add several things in your book description from keywords to characters and even several other selling points and also the plot.

Keywords are important when you are selling your book online because those keywords will help readers find your book.

If you still feel like you don’t understand what is a book description then we would suggest you visit your nearest bookstore and pick up any book and just turn the back side and find the book description.

Now that we know what is a book description, let us understand how to write a book description that will captivate your readers.

Tips to Write a Captivating Book Description

· A Book Description should not be Long

This is one of the most important things you must keep in mind and it is to not have the book description too long.

This is because if you have the book description too long then the whole purpose of the book description will go to waste.

Book descriptions at generally between 150 to 200 words and you can look at several examples of book descriptions and you will find that they do not exceed 300 words.

This is for a purpose and it is simply to make sure that the readers are interested enough to buy the book.

· Start the description with a hook

If you are a writer and a published author then you know by now what is a hook because a hook is quite essential and one of the most effective tools in literature.

A hook is exactly what it sounds like, it is a question or a claim or a fact or even a statement that is there to generate interest within the readers.

A hook is there to keep the readers hooked on to your story so that the only solution they have is to buy the book and read it.

We often suggest new writers to start the novel or their story with a hook but it is also a great idea to start the description with a hook.

Your primary goal is to sell the idea of your book to your readers and you must start with something that highlights the USP of the book.

· The description should contain the main characters

You must ever forget the fact that your description is a summary and no summary would be complete without the primary character or the protagonist.

You must highlight your primary character and you can even introduce your primary character to your readers in the description.

If you have an interesting main character then that will already do half the selling for your book because your characters essentially carry the book on their shoulders and your primary character is one of the reasons the book exists.

· Describe the setting

While we can describe this point to you in the traditional way but we would like to do something different so that you might understand what we mean by describing the setting.

You have probably watched movie trailers and that is exactly what you must do while writing the description of your book.

Every movie trailer tries to help the viewers understand the setting of the story as well as the cinematography and give the viewers as much vividity as possible.

You must try to do that exactly however we are not comparing a movie to a book but we hope this will help you understand what we try to mean.

You must try to help the readers get the entire feel of the total ambience and atmosphere as well as the setting of the book.

They must get a first-row ticket into the world of the book when you are describing the setting and the scene of the book.

· Avoid spoilers at any cost

You must understand the purpose of the book description and it is not to explain the entire story but it is to generate curiosity so that people might buy your book.

That is why you must be very careful when you are writing a book description.

You must always keep in mind not to give away any spoilers because the more spoilers you give away the less chances you have of your book being sold.

You must simply generate enough curiosity so that they are intrigued enough to read the first page or perhaps take a look at the book but you must never try to give away important events of the story no matter how much you want to.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how to write a book description that will capture the attention of the readers.

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