Andre Braugher Cause of Death: Terry Crews Mourns the Loss of Co-Star!

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The loss of Andre Braugher has shocked the entertainment industry. After 61 years on the big screen, the star of classic shows including ‘Homicide: Life On The Street’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ passed away. On Tuesday, when his publicist announced the actor’s death, admirers took to social media to express their sorrow and condolences for the two-time Emmy winner.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013–2021) was a smashing success on FOX and (subsequently) NBC, and Braugher was widely celebrated for her iconic performance in the role. Key to the show’s success—which also featured Andy Samberg and Terry Crews—was the portrayal of the chief of police’s exceedingly monotonous personality.

Andre Braugher: What Caused the Death of the Actor at 61?

His spokeswoman Jennifer Allen said that Braugher had a “brief illness” before passing suddenly. There has been no public announcement on the illness that ultimately led to the death of the former Juilliard student.

The actor’s devoted following in both comedic and dramatic roles will miss him greatly. He was born and reared in Chicago. Although many of his co-stars have not yet spoken out about the shocking and heartbreaking news, Terry Crews has paid tribute to him below.

After his part in ‘Glory’ (1989), Braugher finally broke through in Hollywood. Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman were both featured in the Civil War era drama about an all-Black army regiment; Freeman even won an Oscar for his performance.

Roles in ‘City of Angels,’ ‘Poseidon,’ ‘Frequency,’ ‘The Mist,’ ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,’ ‘Salt,’ and ‘The Gambler’ followed, further bolstering his TV career.

Andre Braugher cause of death

The Netflix series Residence, which was set to begin filming early next year, was also supposed to star Andre Braugher when he tragically passed away. His wife, fellow actor Ami Brabson, and their three children will carry on the actor’s legacy.


Co-star Terry Crews Reacts to Andre Braugher’s Passing

A number of Braugher’s co-stars, including Terry Crews, a former NFL player, actor, and TV star, were quick to respond to the actor’s loss. Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine praised the on-screen relationship between Sargeant Terry Crews and Captain Raymond Holt, played by Braugher.

That you’re leaving so quickly is unbelievable. Having met you, worked with you, laughed with you, and watched your irreplaceable ability for eight lovely years was an honor, Crews wrote on Instagram.


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I am in pain. Your departure was hastened. You helped me tremendously. Knowing you was an incredible gift, and I shall be thankful to you always. Your friendship, guidance, kindness, and knowledge are greatly appreciated.

Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your wife and children. You exemplified the meaning of a fulfilled life. After concluding his post, Crews wished Andre a peaceful rest. Man, I love you.


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