Apple Accidentally Shipped 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max Units Worth $96K

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Apple Accidentally Shipped 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro

Ever ponder how Apple maintains inventory control and guarantees military-grade dispatch of iPhone orders? According to a fascinating account that user @appltrack shared on “X,” Apple’s order fulfillment managers don’t always do things correctly. And when they do make a mistake, it’s not a small one. Look at what transpired over here.

Through @appltrack, AndroidAuthority, a TikTok user going by the handle @legends_gio ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Max models: three with 256GB of storage for his team at work and one with 1TB of storage for himself.

When his phone finally arrived, it was in three crates containing sixty iPhone 15 Pro Max devices rather than the other three he had bought. Additionally, Apple sent 60 phones, all of which had 1TB capacities.

Apple Accidentally Shipped 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro
Apple Accidentally Shipped 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro

Since the cost of each of the 60 phones that were inadvertently dispatched was $1,599, the shipment’s value was about $96,000! The true value of his order was around $3,600. There may not be much benefit to getting 15 times as many iPhone units as you purchased if you’re wondering why something similar never happens to you.

Given that the phones were acquired inadvertently and without payment, Apple will undoubtedly request them returned. Additionally, Apple has the option to brick the phones if @legends_gio applies the “finders keepers, losers weepers” provision.

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That would undoubtedly hinder any intentions to sell them on eBay. It begs the question of how anything like this might occur. Before being released, a $96,000 order for 60 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max units likely needs to pass many inspections; if it hasn’t already, it may do so at this time.

Apple needs to give @legends_gio something if he returns the sixty-one-thousand-gigabyte iPhone 15 Pro Max that he did not order. Recall that it was not him who made this mistake.

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