Apple Intends to Release the Vision Pro Mixed-reality Headset in February

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Reportedly, Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset will be available for purchase in February. The business has reportedly been ramping up manufacturing of the headgear at its Chinese facilities in anticipation of having devices available for purchase by the end of January and for sale in February, according to Bloomberg’s article from Wednesday (Dec. 20).

Having debuted smartwatches in 2015, the article claims that the Vision Pro headset is Apple’s first venture into a new product category. According to the article, this is a big deal because it marks the company’s entry into mixed reality, a field that merges virtual and augmented reality.

Even if Meta Platforms is now the market leader, Apple is hell-bent on making a splash with their product. The research states that Apple will need new sales methods and equipment for the most difficult product launch to date—the introduction of the Vision Pro. The headset has specific parts that need to be put together and packaged properly before it can be sold.

In order to avoid discomfort and improper content display, it is essential to have a suitable fit with the headset. According to the report, Apple has been making improvements to its retail stores in order to accommodate the Vision Pro and its accessories in preparation for its arrival.

Apple Plans to Launch Headset

More room will need to be made available for storing the Vision Pro’s various sizes and combinations, and new places will be built up so customers may try them on. According to the article, Apple is trying to educate its retail staff on how to sell the Vision Pro more efficiently.

Every retail location will send a minimum of two employees to the company’s headquarters for training on the headset’s functions and how to properly fit it.

Although the Vision Pro debut is anticipated to be more understated than Apple’s past product announcements, the tech giant is reportedly still intent on getting consumers to think about technology in a new light.

Unveiling the Vision Pro in June, Apple launched its foray into the mixed-reality realm. During the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared it will be “the first device you look through and not at.”

According to what Cook indicated during a November earnings call, the mixed-reality headgear will be offered in stores through a “far different process than the normal ‘grab and go’ kind of process.”

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