Apple Releases iOS 17.3 Beta 3: A Vital Update for Your iPhone!

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Apple Releases iOS 17.3 Beta 3

Apple Releases iOS 17.3 Beta 3: Unless a bothersome problem requires an unexpected intermediate release, Apple’s next iPhone software update will be iOS 17.3. Currently, this program is in beta, and on January 3, developers got the second version, which was quickly removed. There it is again. The impact of the release of the crucial software can be seen here.

Having a fantastic new feature in it is why it is significant, incidentally. Thanks to Stolen Device Protection, your digital life will be far more secure if your iPhone is stolen and the criminal knows your passcode.

They will be unable to access your bank accounts, lock you out of your phone, or take over your digital life in any other way. This is the most notable update coming to iOS 17.3. There are others, though.

The last beta was abruptly removed because some customers encountered an issue where their phone became stuck in a boot loop instead of updating. To resolve this, extreme measures had to be taken.

Yeah, that was beta 2 of iOS 17.3. It was anticipated that a corrected version would be released a day or two after its removal, which occurred on January 3. To be more specific, the new beta wasn’t released until January 9th. Behind the scenes, though, Apple was moving at a breakneck pace.

Developers now have access to iOS 17.3 beta 3, as expected, because it has been renumbered. Apple made the public beta available the following day, on January 10. Since there was no public beta 2, this is version 2, yet it is referred to as iOS 17.3 public beta 3. Due to problems with the developer beta, that was canceled.

This is not shocking in the least. Still unknown, though, is if Apple’s intended timeline for the broad release of iOS 17.3 has been impacted by the problems that occurred last week.

Apple Releases iOS 17.3 Beta 3
Apple Releases iOS 17.3 Beta 3

So, has Apple made any other adjustments to keep iOS 17.3 beta 3 on track, or is it only beta 2 with the boot loop issues resolved? Although I have a hunch that the first choice is more accurate, the fact that the updated beta took nearly a week to surface suggests that Apple may have used the chance to do more extensive modifications.

That being said, I still think the final general release will be this month, but there’s no guarantee. Speculation about a possible Tuesday, January 16th, start seems far-fetched at this point. The week starting Monday, January 22, is certainly doable, but I’m putting my money on the week starting Monday, January 29, the week after that.

The optimum day for Apple to release updates is Tuesday, so that would be January 30th. Since each software release delay affects subsequent releases, Apple would want to launch early if at all possible. However, fixing problems like the beta 2 glitch takes time.

Does it have to be later? I suppose so, but I’d be surprised if the program didn’t contain any details on the new Apple Vision Pro—which is set to be released on Friday, February 2—so it would have to be ready before then. Update from January 13th. Everyone is wondering when iOS 17.3 will be available to the public and developers alike in the betas.

According to Juli Clover of MacRumors, three betas have been distributed to developers thus far, with one of them being swiftly revoked. Then, according to the notion, the wide release might happen as early as the week of January 22.

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It’s a week early than what I proposed earlier, but like I said, Apple will always be thinking about ways to push ahead. However, according to Clover, that’s because, in comparison to iOS 17.2, iOS 17.3 isn’t “quite a large” upgrade in terms of the number of additions anticipated.

That’s correct, however I feel compelled to mention how significant Stolen Device Protection is as the main improvement. Additionally, the article mentions that the third and second betas “Seems like there isn’t much testing left, since nothing particularly noteworthy has been added.”

After that, starting Monday, January 15th, the release candidate version might be available for viewing in the following week. In that case, I’d be on board with releasing it to the wider public the week after that.

Nonetheless, I remain of the opinion that the amount of content in beta 3 relative to beta 2 is the determining factor. It seems to me that Apple is currently focused on fixing the boot loop issue, thus this latest beta might actually be beta 2.1. We should expect another beta this week and a release candidate around January 22 if my suspicions are correct.

According to MacRumors, previous iOS.3 releases have occurred around January 22, so a debut around that date would make sense. On the other hand, 9to5Mac predicts that the fourth beta will be available this week, followed by the release candidate the week after that, and the public release the week of January 29.

We will get the definitive answer very shortly. It is highly probable that Tuesday, January 23, will mark the release of iOS 17.3 if the release candidate is approved in the week starting January 15 (yep, next week). The next week, most likely on Tuesday, January 30, will be the preferred option if that doesn’t work.

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