A 10% larger MicroLED Screen is Supposedly Coming to the Apple Watch Ultra in 2026!

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In 2026, Apple plans to release the Apple Watch Ultra with its next big update. Apple is reportedly planning to upgrade the display of its premium Watch using microLED technology and increase its size to 2.12 inches, as reported recently by TrendForce.

This modification is reportedly in the works for the Apple Watch Ultra, according to TrendForce. The company announced in August that Cupertino had delayed the debut of this next screen from 2025 to 2026. Several publications this year featured this panel discussing the Apple Watch Ultra’s future. Furthermore, with a bigger screen, we could easily get even more data from the wearable with a quick scan.

This time, TrendForce mentions that“Micro LED chips smaller than 10x10um, and South Korean panel manufacturer LG Display, responsible for the chip mass transfer engineering in addition to providing LTPO glass backplates.”

The article describes the potential pricing range for Apple’s microLED panel as “a reasonable range for a new technology.” It might be 2.5 to 3 times more expensive than OLED panels now on the market. The microLED display may make an appearance in Apple’s future headsets, cellphones, and automotive applications, according to TrendForce.

Apple Watch Ultra in 2026

It is not yet known when Apple will replace the iPhone’s organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel with a microLED one. The current consensus is that in 2024, Apple will upgrade the iPad Pro with an OLED screen.

By 2026, the MacBook Pro will have this technology—now in its eighth generation—thanks to Samsung Display and LG Display.

The introduction of Apple’s long-rumored augmented reality glasses or a new version of the Apple Vision Pro by the tech giant by 2026 would be a boon to microLED sales. It is not yet known when this improved display would be available for the iPhone.

Due to manufacturing issues and increased costs, Apple abandoned plans to incorporate microLED into the iPhone X. On top of this update, a new display technology suggests that Apple may be preparing to upgrade the sensors on the next Apple Watch X/Series 10 before making any significant design changes.

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