Are Georgia and Dom Still Together?…The Untold Story of Perfect Match Winners Georgia and Dom!

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Fans of Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle, two of Netflix’s previous dating shows would have loved the new show Perfect Match. A few of the most famous faces from the world of reality television came together to form the Perfect Match cast.

The participants were given the task of finding their “perfect match” romantic partner while staying in a stunning luxury villa. Viewers were eager to know the location of the filming for Ideal Match.

Fans of the reality dating show are eager to see how long each relationship survived now that all the episodes have aired. The question of whether the winning pair, Georgia and Dom, are still together is similar to the ones asked about Joey and Kariselle’s relationship status as well as Nick and LC’s.

Are Georgia and Dom Still Together?

The relationship between Dom and Georgia has ended. Dom, who is Canadian, and Georgia, who is Australian, stated in an interview with TODAY that they decided to split up after the program because of the distance between them.

“It was the type of thing where we said, ‘Let’s see where the future takes us,'” he continued. How about we just go our separate ways? Everything that is ahead, if it is fated to be, will unfold as it should.

According to Georgia, “We were at different levels of the relationship, and he’s such an amazing person the last thing I wanted was for it to be an ugly ending to something so beautiful.” This statement was made in a ‘Where are they now?’ video that Netflix released after Too Hot To Handle’s final episodes aired.

“After the show, we ended before we even got the chance to redeem our prize.” This statement really gives Dom the impression that he doesn’t have many good memories of their time together. We were still in touch, we were still dating, and she had to record an episode of a certain podcast, he continued.

Are Georgia and Dom Still Together

‘Georgia and Harry Jowsey fall in love’ was the title of the podcast that was released. “Yeah, I would say I was blindsided.” Harry Jowsey dated Georgia after he competed on Too Hot to Handle.

What Happened Between Georgia and Dom on Perfect Match?

As the most popular couple among the other contestants, Dom and Georgia went on to win Perfect Match season 1. Dom, on the other hand, began the show with Francesca Farago, a different Too Hot To Handle star. However, he became acquainted with Georgia when Francesca broke up with Dom to begin a romance with newbie Damian Powers, who had previously been on Love is Blind.

Dom told Tudum after the game aired: “We were like, ‘There’s no chance.'” Even though they remained firm for the remainder of the show, Dom and Georgia weren’t anticipating to be victors. ‘Yeah. No. This is it.’ We say as much as [Joey] gets down on one knee. A simple “It’s fine” exchange between us was all that was needed. “We’ll celebrate by getting tipsy.”

After they were announced as the winners, Georgia informed Dom in an interview, “We won! A one-week paid vacation to anywhere in the world was our prize!” It never occurred to me that such would happen. I always knew we were a fantastic fit, but I never realized we were “The Perfect Match.” The breakup between Georgia and Dom prevented them from receiving their reward.

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