Is Ashley Elliot Husband Still Part Of Her Life’s Journey?

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Ashley Elliot Husband

Ashley Elliott is an important celebrity on TikTok. Her funny, honest, and original videos have earned her over 15 million fans. A lot of people are interested in the wives of their favorite celebrities.

Recently, Ashley Elliott fans have been interested in her husband. They want to know who she is married to. This article has everything you need to know about her personal life.

Who Is Ashley Elliott Husband?

Ashley Elliott doesn’t talk about her personal life or reveal who her partner is in public. Ashley sometimes talks about her husband in her TikTok videos, but he’s not well known. He likes being alone and doesn’t want to be seen in public.

Who Is Ashley Elliott Husband
Who Is Ashley Elliott Husband

What Happened Between Ashley Elliott and Her Husband?

When Ashley Elliott posted a video on August 24, people began to wonder if she was still married. In the short video, Elliot made up a story about a good husband who had already promised to take care of his family and wouldn’t have to worry about money.

She then talked about her worries that the husband would leave the family one day for a younger, more beautiful woman, leaving the other half without any money to live on. Fans thought Ashley Elliot might have been talking about her husband in the video, even though she didn’t make it clear in the video how the situation related to her own.

In addition to Ashley Elliot’s movie about the made-up situation, her fans saw a few other things that backed up what they thought. They saw that the celebrity had taken down all of the videos of her husband on her TikTok account and stopped wearing her wedding ring.

Here is an official Instagram post that Ashley made about her marriage:


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Even though Ashley Elliot didn’t give out any personal information, on August 29, a woman named Monique added to the problems. Monique put up a video on TikTok of herself cuddling a man. Some of Ashley Elliot’s fans thought that Monique’s partner was Elliot’s husband, and they began to worry that this was what “the Gel Lady” was referring to in her August 24 video.

But s*x worker Monique stepped up to talk about what was going on. She said that Elliot’s husband was one of her clients, even though they mostly talked online and never met in person. In her video, Monique spoke in an accusatory way and said that Elliot was making things worse than they were.

What Happened Between Ashley Elliott and Her Husband?
What Happened Between Ashley Elliott and Her Husband?

Monique also tried to defend Elliot’s husband’s actions by playing down the rumors that he was cheating on her, which got a lot of negative feedback on the internet. They said Monique was evil and disgusting for telling everyone about Ashley Elliot and her husband’s personal life and marriage.

Even though she denied it, it seemed like she had only heard rumors that her husband was cheating on her. Even though Elliot thought Monique was wrong to talk about her private life, she begged her fans not to say bad things about other people.

Is Ashley Elliott’s Husband Still With Her?

A lot of people were shocked when Ashley Elliott posted on social media that her marriage was ending. Ashley talks about why she hasn’t talked about her marriage problems on her social media. She says over and over that she wants to keep respecting her husband for the sake of her children, no matter what.

In addition, she says that her marriage is “ending” for good. Ash’s fans saw that she had taken down all of her online videos that showed her husband. Some people also noticed that she didn’t have her wedding ring on in the most current video.

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