Briana DeJesus Pregnant: Is The Teen Mom Expecting Her Third Child?

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Is Briana DeJesus Pregnant?

Briana DeJesus is a well-known figure in the world of television. She was born in Florida on May 21, 1994. While on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant,” she became famous by talking about her life as a young mother. With the help of “Teen Mom 2,” which she joined in June 2017, Briana was able to share more about her life and the problems she faced as a young mother.

Briana DeJesus has gotten the attention of reality TV fans by being honest and strong about her life, even though she has been in some trouble. People are still interested in her reality TV story, which includes her experiences as a young mother.

Is Briana DeJesus Pregnant?

In 2024, Briana DeJesus, who was famous for her part in “Teen Mom,” said she was pregnant. Briana DeJesus, better known as “Teen Mom,” has caused a lot of talk on social media about her possibly being pregnant.

After posting a message on January 24, 2024, saying, “Can’t Wait to have my man’s baby” including heart-eyed emojis, her fans started talking about it.

Look at the Instagram post below:


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There has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not she is expecting a new member to join her family as a result of this post, with another post thanking a user for their support of her possibly having more children. Fans are excited and wondering, though, because DeJesus hasn’t officially said that she is pregnant.

Is Briana DeJesus Pregnant?
Is Briana DeJesus Pregnant?

Does Briana Dejesus Have Kids?

Briana DeJesus is a mother of two girls. Nova Star DeJesus, her first child with her ex-partner Devoin Austin, was born on September 9, 2011. Stella Star Hernandez, her second child with another ex-boyfriend, was born on July 2, 2017, with Luis Hernandez.

You can see the picture of Briana and her daughters below:

Her life as a mom has been shown to millions of people on the MTV reality shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 2.” People have been able to see into Briana’s life as she raises Nova and Stella and deals with all the ups and downs that come with it.

Briana’s main focus is still on her duties as a mother, even though her past relationships have caused her problems. As a public figure, she has been honest about both the good and bad parts of being a parent. Her love for her girls Nova and Stella is a big part of her story, which shows how her family life has changed through the lens of reality TV.

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