AEW’s CJ Perry Announces Divorce From Husband Miro After 7 Years Of Marriage!

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CJ Perry Divorce

Former WWE Superstars Miro and CJ Perry, who are now stars in AEW, recently made headlines when they announced they were getting a divorce after more than seven years. Fans and the media are both talking about this, which has sparked speculation about the personal lives of these famous wrestlers. We are going to talk about everything about CJ Perry’s divorce in this article!!

CJ Perry’s Divorce

Miro and CJ Perry, who are both former WWE Superstars and now work for AEW, got a lot of attention when they announced they were getting a divorce. This ended their over seven-year union. Miro, whose real name is Miroslav Petrov Barnyashev, married Perry, who used to be known as Lana in WWE, on July 29, 2016.

A Twitter post is given below:

The two had worked together before in WWE, where Perry was the former WWE United States Champion’s valet. Miro joined AEW in 2020. Then Perry made his appearance for the promotion in 2023, stopping Powerhouse Hobbs from attacking him after the match.

Perry told news sources that they were no longer together, and she also said she wanted to work with Miro in the future.

CJ Perry Divorce
CJ Perry Divorce

“Miro and I have made the difficult decision to separate after many wonderful years together, and have decided to move on as friends, and hopefully onscreen characters somewhere down the road,” CJ said to news outlets.

For those wondering what went wrong, our sources say there wasn’t a big fight or cheating. Instead, they just became less close to each other over time.

We’ve been told that Perry and Miro, who works as Rusev in World Wrestling Entertainment, are still friends and want to work together again in the future.

This is likely great news for the people in charge at All Elite Wrestling, where both of them work because the wrestling stars have always acted like a married couple, from WWE to AEW and now.

It’s been a couple of months since CJ and Miro, a former AEW TNT and 3x WWE United States champion, were seen together in public. The last time they were seen together was in late 2022. So far, neither Perry nor Miro has filed for a divorce.

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