Who Is Dermot Mulroney Wife? Meet The American Actor’s Spouse!

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Dermot Mulroney Wife

When it comes to his personal life, Dermot Mulroney, the talented actor who is known for giving gripping performances on screen, is always in the limelight. Fans are constantly interested in learning more about his wife. This article has everything you need to know about his personal life!

Who Is Dermot Mulroney’s Wife?

Prima Apollinaare is Dermot Mulroney’s wife. Even though Apollinaare prefers music, she has worked with her husband on a few movie projects. They worked together to make a biopic that Mulroney planned to film in 2010.

Who Is Dermot Mulroney’s Wife?
Who Is Dermot Mulroney’s Wife?

The two people are having a great time together and loving life. When they were married, they used to joke about Mulroney’s unusual first name, which is often spelled or spoken wrong. In June 2023, the star shared a picture on Instagram of a restaurant bill that had his name written as “Deremick.”

He wrote under the picture, “Well huh…that’s a new one.” Apollinaare commented and said, “omg that’s a new one.” 

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Why Is Prima Apollinare Well-Known?

Prima Apollinaare was born in Italy and raised there throughout her childhood. She makes her living as a singer. Since 2017, Apollinaare has been putting out music as an independent musician. She put the music video for her first song, “Stand Up for Love,” on YouTube in December of that year.

Since then, the singer-songwriter has put out a lot of music, including an album, Stand Up for Love, Songs, and Alignment. She said that one of her songs, “High and Low,” is an indie pop song about getting back up after falling.

Why Is Prima Apollinare Well-Known?
Why Is Prima Apollinare Well-Known?

Do Prima Apollinare And Dermot Mulroney Have Children?

Dermot Mulroney and Prima Apollina have two children together. Even though their jobs are hard, Mulroney and Apollina both want to raise their two children, Mabel and Sally by giving them a good upbringing. From his first marriage, Mulroney also has a son named Clyde Keener Mulroney.

In Los Angeles, the Scream star and Apollina are raising their kids, while Clyde lives just across town. Even though their mother is famous and successful in music, Mabel and Sally don’t seem interested in becoming artists just yet.

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