Enhance Your Online Experience With Three New Ai Features Added to Google Chrome!

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Three new AI-assisted features will soon be available in the Chrome browser, making using it a bit easier and more effective.

The first is a feature that Google has dubbed “tab groups,” which allows users to arrange a bunch of tabs in a specific way. This function is great for multitasking or trip planning when you have a lot of tabs open, such as browsing hotels and restaurants.

Chrome will automatically generate groups depending on the tabs you have open. According to Google, all you have to do to access this feature is right-click on a tab that you have opened and choose “Organise Similar Tabs.”

To make tabs simpler to find, the browser’s AI will group them if they’re about related things, and it will also propose a name and an emoji. The second change is that Chrome will now include AI-powered writing assistance.

Google claims this will make users feel more comfortable writing in public places, such as online reviews, social media posts, or emails to businesses. In Chrome, users can simply right-click on any text field and choose “Help me write.” for writing assistance.

Once you start typing, the AI will pick up on your intended meaning and offer suggestions to make it more polished. Finally, Chrome is releasing the capability to create your own AI-powered themes, riding the wave of popularity for AI-generated wallpapers started by the Google Pixel 8.

Enhance Your Online Experience With Three New Ai Features Added to Google Chrome

Similar to the phone feature, users will have the option to select phrases from a pre-selected list to build themes that reflect various moods, colors, art styles, and more. A sample of the “aurora borealis in an animated style with a serene” atmosphere was provided by Google.

Click “Change theme” in the “Customise Chrome” tab, then “Create with AI.” This will allow you to install a theme that was developed using artificial intelligence. You won’t be able to use the writing assistance feature until next month, according to Google.

However, the tab organizer and theme generator should be ready within the next few days. Google has announced that their new AI model Gemini, along with additional AI and ML technologies, will be integrated later this year.

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