Genshin Impact Update Countdown: How to Prepare for the Next Version!

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A beautiful and expansive globe, a diverse cast of people, and an intriguing storyline define Genshin Impact, a popular open-world role-playing game. Additional areas, characters, missions, events, and features, as well as gaming features, are added frequently via updates.

Players will be unable to access the game for a few hours due to server maintenance that comes with each upgrade. Learn about the next Genshin Impact version, how to pre-install it, and how to monitor the update countdown in this article.

How to Check the Genshin Impact Update Countdown?

Time is running out until the next version update and server maintenance for Genshin Impact. You can see how far away those dates are on the update countdown. You can find the countdown on a variety of platforms, including:

  • The newest news, announcements, and game-related events may be found on the official Genshin Impact website, which players can also access.
  • Here on Twitter, you can find the official Genshin Impact account, where gamers can also find all the news about the game, including previews, giveaways, and updates.
  • The official Genshin Impact Discord server, where users can connect with fellow gamers, receive helpful hints and tips, and take part in community events.

You can find all the official Genshin Impact content, including trailers, live streams, and more, on the official YouTube channel.

You can see the precise date and time of the update as well as the maintenance for various areas and time zones on the countdown timer, which typically starts a few days before to the update. Typically, the maintenance will be roughly five hours, and you can see that projected duration on the countdown timer. The circumstances and update status will determine the exact maintenance period.

Genshin Impact Update Countdown

How to Pre-install the Update?

Before server maintenance starts, players can download and install the update files using the pre-installation option. By skipping the update until the maintenance is over, players can save time. Here are the procedures to access the pre-installation capability on PC, iOS, and Android devices:

  • Press the “Game Pre-Installation” button located on the left side of the “Launch” button in the Genshin Impact launcher when using a PC. The update size and disk space requirement will be displayed in a pop-up window. To begin the pre-installation procedure, click on “Confirm”.
  • To download Genshin Impact on iOS, launch the App Store and look for the game. Press the “Update” button after you’ve touched the app’s icon. An information window detailing the update size and the amount of storage space needed will pop up. A pre-installation will begin when you tap the “Download Now” button.

To download Genshin Impact on an Android device, head over to the Google Play Store. Press the “Update” button after you’ve touched the app’s icon. An information window detailing the update size and the amount of storage space needed will pop up. A pre-installation will begin when you tap the “Download Now” button.

There needs to be sufficient free space on the device and a reliable internet connection in order to use the pre-installation feature, which is often made accessible a few days before to the update. Up until the maintenance starts, players won’t notice any difference in the game from the current version due to the pre-installation procedure.

You can also stop and start the pre-installation process whenever you like; when you reconnect the device to the internet, it will pick up right where it left off.

What to Expect from the Next Version?

The anticipated release date for Genshin Impact version 4.2 is November 8, 2023. Many new features and material will be added to the game in version 4.2, including:

  •  A new territory: Fontaine, the sixth of Teyvat’s seven nations. In Fontaine, the Hydro Archon rules over a realm characterized by art, justice, and water. Fontaine will provide fresh environments, foes, missions, and mysteries to uncover.
  • Furina, princess of Fontaine and a five-star Hydro character, is a new addition. A lady who uses water magic and a sword, Furina is both graceful and exquisite. The goddess of love, Furina, is a healer and an enchantress, and she is also her reincarnation.

A brand-new happening: the Fontaine Festival, an annual extravaganza honoring the arts and culture of Fontaine. Art, music, dance, and culinary arts will all be on display during the Fontaine Festival. Players can earn Primogems, Mora, and other goodies at the Fontaine Festival.

  • The Fishing System, a brand-new gameplay concept that lets players reel in and stockpile various fish species, is now available. Players will need to adapt their fishing strategies, poles, and baits to various environments and climates in order to succeed in the Fishing System. The Fishing System also lets players trade fish for perks like furniture, relics, and weaponry.

In addition to fixing bugs, balancing the game, and improving quality of life, version 4.2 will bring various optimizations and improvements to the game. For keeping the game up-to-date and taking part in events, users will be able to earn Primogems, Mora, and Resin in version 4.2, among other perks and incentives.


To keep players informed about upcoming version updates and server maintenance, Genshin Impact has included an update countdown. Websites, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and fan sites are just a few of the places you may find the update countdown. The update length, as well as the date, time, and region/time zone of the update and maintenance, are displayed in the update countdown.

To save time and not have to wait until the maintenance is over, players can pre-install the update files using the update countdown. Players can get a sneak peek at the upcoming features, events, characters, and locations in the next version through the update countdown. If you want to get the most out of Genshin Impact and get ready for the next release, the update countdown is a fantastic tool to use.

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