Google Now Confirms That They Could Capture Data in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

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A notice will appear when a Chrome user opens the Incognito browser, informing them that their activity will be invisible to other users but that their bookmarks, reading history, and downloads will be preserved.

After agreeing to settle a $5 billion lawsuit that accused it of tracking Incognito users, Google has now revised that statement in Chrome’s experimental Canary channel.

The company has updated the Canary disclaimer to clarify that using Incognito mode would not affect the way websites gather personal information, as initially noted by MSPowerUser.

“Others who use this device won’t see your activity, so you can browse more privately,” the new disclaimer states. Websites and the services they employ, like Google, will continue to collect data regardless of this.

Your saved things will include downloads, bookmarks, and reading lists. The journalist noticed the new caution in Canary on Windows and Android, and we can verify that the identical wording is present in the Mac version of Chrome.

Google Now Confirms That They Could Capture Data in Chrome's Incognito Mode

A lawsuit was filed against Google in 2020, alleging that the tech company tracks customers’ actions even when they employ Incognito mode. In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs detailed how the corporation monitored its customers using its Analytics software, applications, and browser plug-ins.

Additionally, they claimed that Google was misleading users into thinking they had choice over the information they were willing to provide by following them on Incognito.

At the time, a Google representative clarified that while the mode may mask a user’s actions on their device, data could still be gathered from them. Unfortunately, that isn’t made very apparent in Chrome’s public version disclaimer just yet, but that might change soon.

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