How to Modernize Your Real Estate Business for Success?

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Many tactics and how-tos are available in the market that claim to help you grow your real estate business. Then what’s the issue? A lot of it is pretty basic.  

If you’ve been in the real estate business for a while, do you need someone to advise you to “know your target market” or “work on perfecting your sales script”? Of course not. Those who are successful have known it for years now. That Internet-cluttering tip is better for new agents.  

This blog will focus on more complex real estate business growth tactics that may not be evident but can help you win clients and dominate your field. Real estate app development is one of them. Which we will talk about later in the blog while revealing other aspects helpful to modernizing and growing your business. But it is advisable to hire a real estate app development company with a track record of providing world-class real estate app development services for years. It will help you breathe life into your real estate app development solution in this highly competitive digital world. 

How to modernize your real estate business?

1. Check brand consistency online

Word-of-mouth isn’t as crucial in real estate nowadays. Clients still refer brokers they like to friends and family, but now that search engines like Google make researching online easier, homebuyers and sellers are doing their own research—even if they have a trusted recommendation. Every industry is experiencing it, not just real estate: How frequently do you Google a restaurant before ordering dinner, even if a coworker recommended it?

Thus, what happens if a potential client finds you? Are you presenting yourself as a trustworthy, professional agent online? Does your Facebook profile portray your expertise differently than your Google business profile? Do you have a Google business profile?  

Clients have several real estate agents, therefore, any disparity online will make them hesitant to use you. Why give them a chance? Make sure prospects can find you on several platforms, your reviews are consistent, your contact information is consistent, and you always appear professional. 

2. Use content marketing to your advantage

You’re certainly familiar with content marketing, but maybe you don’t realize how crucial it is or how applicable it is to real estate. Yes, and we’ll explain why:   

As we said, real estate salespeople need Google to discover clients since prospects use it to investigate candidates. But how do you rank high enough on Google’s results pages to attract and retain these clients?

Google values responsiveness—active, involved businesses, not those that just put up a website and hope leads find them. Regularly offering useful content is one of the best ways to show responsiveness. That includes photos, market research, thoughts, and analysis. Post material across channels regularly. 

Google is a great channel for content distribution. While it may not be as evident as your website, blog, or Facebook page, Google ranks responsiveness highly. It makes sense. Google will boost your ranks if you use its products often.

3. Upgrade your website using prospect-friendly technology

After Covid-19, more prospects are looking for digitally savvy brokers who can sell their property online or give virtual tours and walkthroughs. It may persist after the pandemic; innovation seldom regresses. 

So examine your website carefully. Does it show you’re a tech-savvy agent? Does it appear like your nephew threw it together 10 years ago? It goes back to our first tip: project professionalism and competence wherever prospects find you.

Modern is more than looks. Free offers are more likely to attract online prospects today. It’s how the world works—you’re getting free advice for visiting my blog.

The finest agent websites are interactive. You can give a client a free market report or house appraisal if you have their email or phone number. Giving them something worthwhile will increase their likelihood of connecting with you.

4. Get and keep reviews to control your reputation

Yes, reviews boost your reputation. But this tip isn’t about that. Did you realize that search ranks increase with favorable reviews?  

Popular real estate brands examined thousands of agents’ profiles nationwide to determine if review numbers and ratings correlated with Google search rankings. Here’s what comes out in the whole report on obtaining more good reviews:

  • Agents with an average Google review rating of 4.0 or higher appear in 350% more Google searches than those with 0-3.
  • Google agents with 4.0 reviews received 300% more calls, messages, website views, and direction requests than those with 0-3.
  • Agents with more reviews perform better in search, views, and actions.

The only issue? Positive reviews lose their power after 90 days. Always encourage favorable evaluations from clients, friends, and family, and reply to bad ones kindly and professionally. 

5. Nurture long-term prospects on social media

After a few social media ads, many real estate brokers are disappointed when they don’t locate high-intent buyers or sellers. Many incorrectly feel social media doesn’t function.

Honestly, it does—if you’re patient. Many would-be homebuyers and sellers browse an agent’s social media accounts and ads before buying or selling.

You’ll miss opportunities to attract new clients if you pull the ripcord too early and disregard anyone who isn’t ready to buy or sell in 30 days. Instead, treat social media as a long-term volume play that captures and nurtures many high-intent prospects. Thus, when users are ready to purchase or sell, you’re the agent they’ve known the longest.

6. Use the power of video

In the weeks after social distancing and stay-at-home instructions, virtual tours and open homes were popular and effective. Some agents have abandoned in-person open houses as a stopgap rather than a viable marketing strategy once they return. 

Videos are powerful marketing tools, even if they don’t lead to sales. Virtual tours and open houses give homebuyers a more comprehensive, holistic experience, increasing the likelihood that they will become serious buyers.

Videos are also ideal for social media advertising, especially on Instagram, where video content is more natural and less obtrusive. 

7. Track your development against realistic digital standards

Real estate business growth takes time and effort. Even if you follow these guidelines, results may take time. Growing your real estate firm will be successful if you’re patient and strategic. 


Real estate agents who use the above mentioned tips have witnessed drastic growth in their businesses. Now is your time. Implement these strategies and modernize your real estate business. 

Apart from this, real estate app development is the key to making direct contact with your prospects and existing clients. You can use this platform to launch your new projects, offer discounts and deals, and provide tips on important aspects one must consider while purchasing or selling a property. 

Also, you can expand your business on the global front thanks to the real estate mobile application. So hire a renowned real estate company and bring your real estate app idea into reality. But don’t forget to conduct thorough market research before handing over your app idea to any mobile app development company that offers real estate app development services. Choose your app development partner wisely, depending on your project requirements, app time to market, budget, and business goals. 

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