Hwang Jung-Eum Husband: Why Is The South Korean Actress Splitting From Her Husband?

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Hwang Jung-Eum Husband

Hwang Jung-eum is an actress and singer from South Korea. Her first major part came in the television series Listen to My Heart, after she became well-known from the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. People are interested in her husband even though she is well-known due to her professional achievements. Let’s talk about all there is to know about Hwang Jung-eum’s husband!

Hwang Jung-Eum Husband

Hwang Jung-eum’s current husband was Lee Young-don. In 2015, she began dating Lee Young-don, a businessman and former professional golfer. Six months after they first started dating, on February 26, 2016, the pair exchanged vows.

Hwang Jung-Eum Husband
Hwang Jung-Eum Husband

August 2017 saw the birth of their first child, which is a boy. The actress first filed for divorce in September 2020, but she subsequently withdrew her plea. After that, in 2022, she gave birth to her second child with Young-don.

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Hwang Jung-Eum Files Divorce From Her Husband

The K-drama actress Hwang Jung-eum filed for divorce from her spouse Lee Young-don on February 22, according to reports from South Korean media sources. For those who don’t know, the couple filed for divorce in 2020. But Hwang Jung-eum’s label, Y1 Entertainment, disclosed in 2021 that the two had made up.

The Kill Me, Heal Me actress, though, doesn’t seem to be going back this time. Jang-eum’s record company, Y1 Entertainment, verified the actress’s divorce filing in the wake of many rumors. A label spokesman stated, “After much consideration, Hwang Jung-eum decided that she could no longer maintain her marriage and has filed for divorce.”

Hwang Jung-Eum Files Divorce From Her Husband
Hwang Jung-Eum Files Divorce From Her Husband

The official said, “Please understand that we can’t reveal the reason for divorce as it pertains to her personal life,” in response to a question about the reason for the couple’s abrupt divorce. “Please refrain from speculating on the divorce for the sake of the actress and her child.”

Fans of K-drama speculate that the actress eventually filed for divorce because she was sick of Lee Young-don’s extramarital affairs. She has also taken jabs at her husband’s cheating activities on Instagram.

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