Is Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant In 2024 Or Are These Mere Speculations?

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Is Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant In 2024

Many people think Vanessa Hudgens is pregnant since she announced in February 2023 that she was engaged to baseball player Cole Tucker. Hudgens is famous for her parts in High School Musical and The Princess Switch. Fans are eagerly wondering if the couple is expecting their first child.

This is especially true since Hudgens wore hoodies and loose clothes during her bachelorette weekend in Aspen, which led some to think she was hiding a baby bump. So, is Vanessa Hudgens really expecting? Let’s get into the specifics!!

Is Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant In 2024?

Quickly responding to fans who asked about the pregnancy reports on her Instagram post, Hudgens wrote, “Not pregnant, so y’all can stop,” along with a laughing emoji to show that she was amused, not offended.

Is Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant In 2024
Is Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant In 2024

She has been very open on social media in the past, so it seems unlikely that she would hide such big news from those who know her.

Here is the Instagram post uploaded by Vanessa Hudgens:

When Is Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Getting Married?

Hudgens and Tucker got together through a Zoom meditation group during the pandemic and got engaged in December 2022 after dating for a year. They are now excitedly planning their wedding.

The couple hasn’t said when or where the wedding will be, but Hudgens has said she wants to run away because it’s hard to find a good setting. By calling their relationship “amazing” and “secure,” she has stressed how different and better it is to be engaged than to be dating.

When Is Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Getting Married?
When Is Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Getting Married?

How Does Vanessa Hudgens Balance Love And Career?

Even though Hudgens’ personal life is busy, she stays committed to her work. She is working on a lot of different projects right now, such as the Netflix musical series Tick, Tick… Boom!, which is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the comedy film My Best Friend’s Wedding, which stars Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.

As seen in the Netflix holiday movie The Knight Before Christmas, Hudgens is a singer and dancer who actively seeks obstacles to help her grow as a person and as an artist.

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