Who Is Kenneth Mitchell Wife? Learn Details About His Kids And Family!!

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Kenneth Mitchell Wife

Kenneth Mitchell was a Canadian actor who was born on November 25, 1974 and died on February 24, 2024. He was best known for playing Eric Green in Jericho from 2006 to 2008 and for many characters in Star Trek: Discovery from 2017 to 2024.

Throughout his TV career, Mitchell had cameos on shows including The Astronaut Wives Club, Ghost Whisperer, and Grey’s Anatomy. Everything there is to know about Kenneth Mitchell’s wife will be included in this article!

Kenneth Mitchell Wife

Susan May Pratt was the source of unshakable support and long affection for Kenneth Mitchell, the renowned Canadian actor recognized for his noteworthy contributions to the entertainment industry.

American actress Susan May Pratt was born in Lansing, Michigan, on February 8, 1974. She is renowned for her significant contributions to the entertainment industry and for her exceptional talent and versatility. In 1999, Susan became well-known for her portrayal as Mandella in the popular adolescent romantic comedy “10 Things I Hate About You.”

Kenneth Mitchell Wife
Kenneth Mitchell Wife

When Kenneth and Susan exchanged vows in May 2006, they started a wonderful adventure together. The couple’s marriage served as evidence of their dedication to one another’s career and personal goals in addition to their love for one another.

Susan supported Kenneth over their eighteen-year marriage as he pursued a busy career that included noteworthy parts in TV shows and motion pictures.

You can see the picture of Kenneth Mitchell with his wife and kids below:

Kenneth Mitchell’s Kids And Family

Actor Kenneth Mitchell was born in Toronto and had a life characterized by skill, tenacity, and a strong sense of family loyalty.

When Kenneth and Susan got married in 2006, their love story officially started. Kenneth was devoted to his two lovely children, Lilah and Kallum, whom they had together.

In a PEOPLE interview, he and his spouse, Susan May Pratt, narrated the poignant day they told their kids, Kallum and Lilah, about his ALS diagnosis.

After his daughter asked him in a sad way if he might be dead, Mitchell and Pratt talked about it in a sensitive way. At five years old, Mitchell’s kid responded in a way that was a little amusing and moved the subject away from death.

After learning of Mitchell’s illness, the family grew closer than ever. They took vacations, pulled the kids out of school, and spent time cultivating connections.

Kenneth’s parents, Diane and David Mitchell felt both the sorrow of his passing and the pride in his achievements. Sean, his brother, provided the actor with unwavering support during the journey.

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