New Xbox Dev Kit Certified In South Korea!!

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New Xbox Dev Kit Certified In South Korea

Exciting news is buzzing in South Korea as reports emerge of a brand-new Xbox development kit getting certified. This means there’s something cool coming our way for Xbox fans! Let’s dive into the details and explore all there is to know about this latest development.

New Xbox Dev Kit Certified In South Korea

It has been reported that a new Xbox programming kit has been approved in South Korea. The National Radio Research Agency of South Korea allowed the usage of the development kit today, as reported by Xbox News for Koreans on Twitter by writing:

“Microsoft’s new Xbox Dev Kit (XDK) console was certified by the National Radio Research Agency in Korea today. This means that you can use the device in Korea. It is likely to be distributed to game developers in Korea soon.”

The model number is 2089, and it was made in China and Vietnam. It was approved by the government five months before the Xbox Series X came out in November 2020. The model number for the kit is 1881.

New Xbox Dev Kit Certified In South Korea
New Xbox Dev Kit Certified In South Korea

According to a Twitter post, a set of legal papers that were stolen in September may have revealed important parts of Microsoft’s long-term game strategy. These included plans to release an “adorably all digital” Xbox Series X console codenamed “Brooklin.”

Its plans may have changed, but the papers show that the system was set to come out in November 2024 and cost $499. Xbox said in a business report in February that Series X/S won’t be the last systems the company makes.

Xbox president Sarah Bond said, “There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday, and we’re also invested in the next generation roadmap.”

“And what we’re really focused on there is delivering the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation.”

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