Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Date: When Can We Expect It To Hit The Shelves?

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Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Date

Six years have passed since the first Switch came out, and two years since the OLED model came out. It’s not enough to say that Nintendo fans are excited about a new system. The constant stream of rumors about the Switch 2, which is the name that the media has temporarily given to Nintendo’s next-generation console, only makes them even more excited.

A lot of people think that the Switch 2 will be an improvement over the original Switch instead of a whole new system design. Here’s what we know about the Switch 2, or whatever Nintendo calls its next-generation device so far.

What Is The Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Date?

We won’t know when this console will come out until the company that makes it officially sets a date. But new rumors say it might come out in the fall of 2024, around the same time we think the PS5 Pro might come out.

What Is The Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Date
What Is The Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Date

Based on leaks from both an Altec Lansing press release and a leaker named SoldierDelta, we have the best idea of when the Switch 2 will be launched. As part of an announcement from NBA 2K24 Community, the Switch 2 was said to come out in September 2024.

Here is an official tweet posted by NBA 2K24 Community:

Will Switch 2 Work With Older Versions?

And this is the big question: many Nintendo fans hope or even expect to be able to bring their game libraries to the next system, just like they can with the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles. No one knows the answer yet, and it’s also not easy to guess.

It was said in VGC’s report that the machine’s backward compatibility “remains unclear.” The fact that the machine can play older games was said to worry some third-party producers about how it might affect sales of next-gen games. Nintendo, on the other hand, said in a rare public statement that it wants to bring Switch users over to the new platform with their Nintendo accounts.

If the Nintendo account system stays in place, it should be easy for users to access purchases they made in the past. That doesn’t mean, though, that the console is actually able to do it.

Nintendo’s track record for backward compatibility is pretty good, though not perfect. Games for the Wii and the U were backward compatible. Games for the Game Boy Advance could be played on the Game Boy, and games for the 3DS could be played on the DS.

But the Switch’s new game disc format made a clean break with the past, and Nintendo has made a lot of money by putting Wii U games on the Switch, especially Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which has sold 55 million copies.

Will Switch 2 Work With Older Versions
Will Switch 2 Work With Older Versions

Nintendo has said in the past that it will make the Switch 2 backward-compatible as long as it uses the same format for physical sales. Backward compatibility is still not possible, though, because of technical issues. A lot will rest on the chip architecture Nintendo chooses for the Switch 2, which we don’t know about yet.

Will The Nintendo Switch 2 Be Exclusively Available Online?

Nintendo has stronger ties to stores than any other game maker, even stronger than Sony’s. Because of this, Nintendo is very unlikely to make the Switch 2 digital-only, even though it would make sense for a portable system.

The fact that the new console will have a cartridge slot for physical releases was in fact in VGC’s story. This is as close to a sure thing as we can get with the Switch 2. It also supports the machine having the same or a similar form factor as the Switch, which makes it more likely that it will work with older games.

Also, Nintendo’s decision to raise its full-year Switch sales forecast signals strong confidence in the console’s ongoing success in the gaming market. This move reflects the company’s optimistic outlook on the future of the Nintendo Switch platform and its potential to continue driving significant sales growth.

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