One Ui 6 Does in Fact Have Samsung’s Future Battery Protection Function!

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A number of features for Samsung One UI 6.1 were leaked in the past few weeks, but one of them may already be available to you before the upgrade even comes out.

According to X user Sabarinath Panikken (via Tarun Vats), the Advanced Battery Protection functionality from One UI 6.1 is already present in the current version of One UI 6, which was released not long ago.

To find it, go to the Play Store, search for “batterypro” or “batteryprotectionactivity,” and then install an activity launcher app. A Galaxy S23 Ultra with One UI 6 did, in fact, let us access this feature. Using the old Battery Protect setting instead, the feature is now not functional. View our screenshots down below.

With Advanced Battery Protection, you have more say over how your phone charges than with Samsung’s existing Protect Battery feature. At the moment, this function can only charge your phone up to 85% capacity.

Samsung's Upcoming Battery Protection Feature

At the same time, for further versatility, the One UI 6.1 feature provides three separate charging choices. When you choose the basic option, your phone will be charged to 100% and will only continue charging until it reaches 95% capacity.

Like other smart charging options, the adaptive one will pause at 80% and hit 100% right before you wake up. Your phone stops charging entirely when the battery reaches 80% capacity, therefore the “maximum protection” option is basically the same as the Protect Battery feature.

The goal of both the updated and the old features is to prolong the life of the battery by gradually decreasing the amount of charging cycles. Over time, the battery life of your phone will decrease when it is subjected to repeated charging cycles, or fully charging and draining it.

In any case, it appears that the Galaxy S24 series will not be the only ones to get Advanced Battery Protection. This function is perfect for older Galaxy phones that have battery health concerns.

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