Best Amazon Presidents Day Sale 2024: Tech, Clothing, Housing And More!!

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Presidents Day Sale 2024

There are often fake sales on useless tools and gizmos during shopping holidays. But I’m going to say it: this year’s Presidents’ Day deals are a nice surprise. Yes, really! Some of our favorite smartphones, robot vacuums, and headphones that WIRED has approved are on sale at the same prices as Black Friday. Let us explore everything there is to know about the Presidents’ Day sale 2024!!

Tech Deals

Google Pixel 7A Android Smartphone for $374 ($125 off)

As WIRED says, we really like the Google Pixel 7A (8/10). Because it’s cheap, good for most people, and the best Android phone for the money, we gave it our top marks. It was last this cheap on Black Friday. There isn’t a better deal on a phone this weekend than this one.

Google Pixel 8 Android Smartphone for $545 ($155 off)

The Pixel 8 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) usually costs between $750 and $1,000, so this deal is good in any way you look at it. The Pixel 8 is Google’s newest top-of-the-line phone, and it still has the great camera system Pixels are known for. Another deal is that the Pixel 8 Pro is $799, which is $200 off. It has some extras, like a camera that can zoom in 5 times.

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) Smart Speaker for $55 ($45 off)

This is the smart speaker to get if you don’t already have enough and don’t mind going with Amazon’s idea. The 4th-generation Amazon Echo (8/10, WIRED Recommends) sounds better than the ones that came before it.

Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera for $20 ($15 off)

The Blink Mini is now available for the lowest price we’ve seen. This camera comes with a free trial of Blink’s services for one month. If you don’t want to be charged after that, make a note to turn it off. The first month of these plans costs $3.

Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera for $20 ($15 off)
Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera for $20 ($15 off)


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max Streaming Dongle for $40 ($20 off)

This deal price is the same as the best one we’ve seen, even on 2023’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amazon content, like Prime Video, is highly favored by Amazon’s operating system. This is our favorite Amazon Fire Stick, though you may have to click a few extra buttons to get to other apps.

Jabra Elite 8 Active Wireless Headphones for $170 ($30 off)

When we work out, the Jabra Elite 8 Active is our favorite portable headphones. They’re safe and comfy, and they block out sound and noise really well.

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Apple iPad (10th Gen) Tablet for $349 ($100 off)

The 10th-generation Apple iPad (7/10, WIRED Review) is called “The Awkward Choice.” However, the pricing makes it even more alluring, particularly considering that one of our primary grievances is the extremely high base cost. Finally, there’s a USB-C port, and this one is faster than the others. This is our top pick if you don’t mind a smaller screen.

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Headphones for $450 ($100 off)

The AirPods Max (8/10, WIRED Recommends) don’t usually go for less than $450, which is still a crazy high price. The sound quality is just as amazing. They sound great and block out noise, making them some of our favorite noise-canceling headphones on the market

Clothing And Household Deals

Roborock Q5 Pro+ Robot Vacuum for $480 ($220 off)

The prices here are the same as they were on Black Friday last year. Our tester said that the Roborock Q5 Pro+ (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is the best robot cleaner in the market. Adrienne So, who is the reviews editor for WIRED, has tried almost every other Hoover and says the Roborock Q5+ is her favorite.

Verloop Slippers: 30 Percent off—Use Code COZY

A lot of our favorite shoes are made by Verloop. The patterns are cute and catchy, and they’re made from deadstock yarn, which cuts down on textile waste. They look good and feel good. With the coupon code COSY, a pair of Flower Knit Sock Slippers is now only $39, which is $16 off.

Verloop Slippers 30 Percent off—Use Code COZY
Verloop Slippers 30 Percent off—Use Code COZY

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair for $1,189 ($210 off)

For $1,189 ($210 off), you can get a Steelcase Gesture office chair.
The Steelcase Gesture is our top pick for an improvement in our guide to the best office chairs. It doesn’t go on sale very often. It’s very comfy, even if you spend all day sitting like a goblin.

Humanscale Path Office Chair for $958 ($442 off)—Use Code COMFORT20

The Humanscale Path is the best office chair for a small room. While it’s still cozy and high-end, it doesn’t take up too much space, which is different from most of the options you’ll find when you shop.

Benchmade Modern Tyler Sofa for $3,036 ($759 off)

The high-end Benchmade Modern Tyler Sofa is well-built. Almost every part of the sofa can be changed, and you can even print out a full-size copy of the model to make sure it fits in your room. The writer for WIRED, Scott Gilbertson, says this is the most beautiful and comfortable couch he’s ever sat on.

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