Samsung Unveils One UI 6.0 With AI, Video Editing, and More

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Samsung unveils One UI 6.0

Samsung has officially announced One UI 6.0, its latest version of the Android-based interface for its Galaxy devices. One UI 6.0 is based on Android 14, the newest version of Google’s operating system that was released in August 2023.

Samsung has been testing One UI 6.0 with select users through a beta program since September and is expected to roll out the stable update to eligible devices before the end of the year.

One UI 6.0 introduces several new features, improvements, and enhancements to Samsung’s Galaxy devices, aiming to provide a more seamless, intuitive, and personalized user experience across different screen sizes and form factors. Here are some of the key highlights of One UI 6.0:

Revamped Quick Panel and App Interface

One UI 6.0 brings a redesigned Quick panel that offers more information and customization options at a glance. Users can access various settings and features by swiping down from the top of the screen, such as toggling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, and more. The Quick panel also shows notifications from different apps, which can be expanded or dismissed with a swipe or a tap.

One UI 6.0 also changes the look and feel of the app interface, with a new typeface called One UI Sans that is more legible and consistent across different apps and languages. The app icons have also been updated to match the new font and the overall design language of One UI 6.0.

One UI 6.0 adds new artificial intelligence features to the Gallery app, which is Samsung’s default app for viewing and managing photos and videos on Galaxy devices. The Gallery app can now automatically organize photos and videos into albums based on various criteria, such as date, location, people, scenes, and more.

Users can also search for specific photos or videos using keywords or voice commands. One UI 6.0 also introduces a new feature called Memories, which creates personalized slideshows of photos and videos based on themes, such as birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and more. Users can edit and share these Memories with their friends and family through various apps and platforms.

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Samsung Studio: A Multi-layer Video Editor

One UI 6.0 comes with a new video editing app called Samsung Studio, which allows users to create professional-looking videos with ease. Samsung Studio lets users import videos from various sources, such as the Camera app, the Gallery app, or external storage devices.

Users can then trim, crop, rotate, zoom, speed up, slow down, reverse, or stabilize their videos using simple gestures and tools. Samsung Studio also offers advanced features such as multi-layer editing, which allows users to add multiple video clips, images, text, stickers, filters, effects, transitions, music, and voice-overs to their videos.

Users can also adjust the colour, brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters of their videos using sliders and presets.

Improved Camera Options

One UI 6.0 improves the camera options on Galaxy devices by adding new modes, features, and settings. For instance, users can now take photos in RAW format using the Pro mode on supported devices, which gives them more control over the post-processing of their images. Users can also use the new Director’s View mode, which lets them switch between different lenses and cameras while recording a video.

One UI 6.0 also adds new features such as Focus Enhancer, which automatically adjusts the focus and exposure of close-up shots; Object Eraser, which lets users remove unwanted objects from their photos; and Single Take, which captures multiple photos and videos with different effects using one tap.

Enhancements to Apps Like Calendar, Reminder, and Samsung Internet

One UI 6.0 also brings enhancements to some of Samsung’s own apps that are pre-installed on Galaxy devices. For example:

  • The Calendar app now supports lunar calendars for countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, and India.
  • The Reminder app now syncs with Microsoft To Do, allowing users to access their tasks across different devices and platforms.
  • The Samsung Internet browser now has a new tab bar that shows thumbnails of open tabs for easier navigation.
  • The Samsung Keyboard now supports emoji suggestions based on the context of the user’s input.

Other Features

One UI 6.0 also includes other features that are part of Android 14, such as:

  • Privacy Dashboard: A new tool that shows how apps access the user’s location, camera, microphone, contacts, and other permissions.
  • App Hibernation: A feature that automatically clears the cache and storage of unused apps to free up space and improve performance.
  • Nearby Share: A feature that lets users share files, links, and other content with nearby devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC.
  • Scrolling Screenshots: A feature that lets users capture long screenshots of web pages, documents, and other content by scrolling down the screen.

Eligible Devices and How to Join the Beta Program

One UI 6.0 is currently available as a beta version for select users of the Galaxy S23 series, and will soon be available for the Galaxy A54 and A34 series. Samsung has not yet announced the full list of eligible devices for the stable update, but it is likely that most Galaxy devices released in the last two years will receive One UI 6.0.

On their Galaxy devices, those who wish to participate in the beta test can register by using the Samsung Members app. Before the stable version is available, those who sign up for the beta program will regularly receive updates with new features and issue fixes. Users can withdraw from the beta program by utilizing the Samsung Members app to do so or by using a PC tool to flash the official firmware.

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