Shannon Sharpe Wife: Has The Former Football Tight End Ever Been Married?

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Shannon Sharpe Wife

Shannon Sharpe, who used to play in the NFL, is a great sports commentator. As a child, Sharpe lost his family and had to work on farms and in tobacco fields to make money. As an adult, he became a league leader and one of the smartest people in sports journalism.

Aside from that, Shannon is known for being funny. His work has inspired many jokes that are now big parts of pop culture. Find out about the personal life of the former NFL star by reading this article till the end!!

Who Is Shannon Sharpe Wife?

Many people know Shannon Sharpe from his work, but he likes to keep his personal life out of the public eye. We know he’s never been married, though, so he might still be single. A former NFL player dated a Flywheel exercise instructor called Katy Kellner for a long time. She was not of the same race as him. In Los Angeles, they were often seen together. After dating for a while, they got engaged in 2016.

Here is a picture of Shannon Sharpe with his former girlfriend:

It was believed by many that Shannon and Katy were still together until the fitness teacher told everyone that she was pregnant with someone else’s child in 2018. Katy says that her child’s father is Marlon Byrd, an exercise teacher. The news made it clear that Shannon and his girlfriend were no longer together. They didn’t have any kids while they were together, but they did share three dogs.

Who Is Shannon Sharpe Wife?
Who Is Shannon Sharpe Wife?

Does Shannon Sharpe Have Children?

Shannon Sharpe has three kids, two girls and a boy. He has never been married, though. All of his kids are from different moms. Sharpe’s son Kiari was born to Erika Evans. Nobody knows who the mothers of Kayla and Kaley are yet.

The NFL career of Shannon began two years before the birth of his son Kiari. Kayla, Sharpe’s middle daughter, went to Georgia Southern University to study to become a lawyer. She is a business partner in HR at Phoebe Putney Health System right now. Kaley Sharpe is Sharpe’s least well-known child. She went to Florida State University to become a medical investigator.

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