Windows 11 KB5031455 Update Woes: Installation Failures and Game Crashes

By Roze 2 Min Read
Windows 11 KB5031455 Update Woes

Windows 11 users have recently encountered a slew of issues with the optional KB5031455 update, which was rolled out by Microsoft on October 26. While the update brings new features and bug fixes, it has left many users frustrated due to installation problems and game-related glitches.

1. Installation Failures

For some Windows 11 users, the KB5031455 update has led to installation woes. Reports indicate that the installation process can fail repeatedly, causing a frustrating loop of failed attempts and reboots. This not only wastes time but is particularly aggravating for those who depend on their computers for work.

2. Game Crashes and Performance Issues

A significant number of gamers have been hit hard by this update. Users have reported that after installing KB5031455, several games have exhibited problems. Games from the Epic Game Store, such as Fortnite and Horizon Zero Dawn, have been crashing on startup and failing to load. These issues extend to integrated Windows apps, with even File Explorer encountering problems.

3. Feedback and Frustration

The frustration has led some users to vent their grievances on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub. One user’s report stated: “2023-10 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5031455) fails to install with error 0x800f0984.”

4. The Bigger Picture

This isn’t the first time a Windows update has caused widespread issues. Such problems are not uncommon, and users encountering performance or compatibility problems are typically advised to uninstall the problematic update until Microsoft releases a fix.

In the meantime, it’s essential for Windows 11 users to keep an eye on official announcements from Microsoft for updates and solutions to the KB5031455 update issues. Additionally, reporting these issues through official channels can help expedite the resolution process. Windows updates are designed to improve the user experience, but occasional hiccups like these can certainly be a source of frustration for users.

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