15 Advanced SEO Techniques that improve your site Ranking 2023

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Target comparison Keywords

The very first advanced SEO technique is the Target comparison keywords technique which is defined as comparing different things for example content marketing virus search engine optimization or Apple versus Samsung. People using single words are usually gathering information regarding it. But people using a comparison between two are already aware of the terms. These kinds of keywords get 1.1k searches per month which are around $6 CPC. It can bring the rank up faster as compared to the regular keyword technique. The best way is using the “you v/s the competitor” keyword strategy.  

SEO techniques

Meta Data

Unseen tags are also popularly known as metadata or tags. These tags provide information about companies and organizations to the visitors of the website and also to search engines. To understand better metadata is positioned in the head part of the HTML text, which should be programmed in a Content management system. It completely depends on the cms program if it’s simpler or complex. A great example is WordPress they have a separate section for metadata which consists of relevant links and descriptions. 

Use of Animated Images 

Using high-quality animated images and GIFs, because it catches the eye of the visitor and he is hocked to the screen which stops them to skim through the page. This way more content is read by the visitor. This also increases the time they spent on your site. 

Create content hub

Backlink’s organic traffic which is 28% is coming from content hubs. Now, what are content hubs? Well, it is known as mini Wikipedia on a selected topic. For example, creating a hub solely for SEOs related content, this hub will have several entries related to SEOs. These are articles written more like Wikipedia style. 

Link-building is when other websites are linked to your blogs and articles will help you gain attention effectively, on the other hand, it also improves the chances of getting clicked because your post is visible on other reliable sources which makes your post more trustworthy.

Featured Snippets are text snippets that display at the top of Google’s search results to swiftly answer a searcher’s inquiry. The information of a Featured Snippet is automatically retrieved from web pages in Google’s index. 

User experience

It is important to focus on user experience because within few seconds users are getting frustrated. Broken links, error pages, and jumbled site structures will all have an impact on what people take away from your website. It is important to remove such data from your site for a great user experience. The use of images and original images increases the user experience positively. 

Be aware of your competitor SEO strategy 

It is important to be aware of what strategy your competitor is using and what kinds of keywords he is preferring to get the most attention. Building the strategy keeping in mind the competitor’s strategy will allow you to think out of the box. 

The backlink is one of the top 3 advanced SEO techniques in google ranking, and there are several strategies available regarding this technique and you can easily get help in this area from different links and sites, the fact is that most of these tactics are hard to implement effectively. Generating blogs articles by using different infographics with backlink of credible sites, research paper, use of gears and relevant insights from professionals will you grow your rank among competitors

Podcast backlinks are also very effective. Talking about your view on different podcasts and getting mentioned by different sites will increase the traffic.


About 32% of results are organic clicks and another way of getting higher rankings in SERPs. Having much control over google’s pixels is what matters in this area. Because control over these pixels will help in generating more traffic. The more you control the more traffic your website will get. Getting featured in highlighted snippet allows you to be at the top of the page. For example use of different bloggers and asking them to post on your website which will be considered as a guest post, using videos of different platforms like youtube, Vimeo, etc and most featured or popular snippets. 

Having a Topical expertise

Make sure you have your opinion on everything. Topical expertise is all about having blogs or articles or any kind of information regarding the popular topic on your website to keep getting visitors. Generating trendy topics on your sites and having an opinion about old or new topics will keep your ranks up and also adding backlinks in your topics will increase its effectiveness and search. 

Optimize for Essential Web Vitals

In 2023 there is a possibility that essential web vital or core web vital optimization will be one of the most popular ranking indicators. Having the ability to be mobile-friendly, the HyperText Transfer protocol is secure is used for secure communication and secure browsing. Being familiar with these and having experience in optimizing it, but core web vitals is known as a critical area of focus which should be considered by you

Publish topic with content year.

Covering all the trends within the year they are happening is essential. For example, posting a guide about change in technology every year and identifying what changes took place. And keeping in mind using the same targeted word and also mentioning year within it competitive, popular keywords. Using trends and those keywords in the content will rank the post upwards.

Use of LSI keywords

It is known as latent semantic indexing. This method is used by Google and other search engines which helps them to understand the relationship between different terms and concepts and information. These keywords are used to improve SEO traffic and enhance prominence which helps in higher ranking search results. 

Creating a comment section 

Creating a comment section on your website helps people to interact regarding the post and with the help of these comment sections use of words and comparisons done by the visitors helps other users to locate a similar conversation on trendy topics which increases traffics on the website. 

Using all these 15 Advance SEO techniques effectively will help your website to enhance user experience, having all solutions under one roof will increase the time of users on your website. Using infographics, images original images, and backlinks will increase the credibility of your site in the eyes of your user which will lead him to visit again for more information in the future. 

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