WooCommerce for Non-Profits: How to Optimize Your Store for Success

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E-commerce Shop Online Homepage Sale ConceptHow to optimize your WooCommerce store for success

Can non-profit organizations thrive digitally? One of the primary difficulties they could encounter revolves around selecting from an array of platforms, systems, and tools. Even sizeable organizations might find themselves inundated by the sheer abundance of available options.

The easiest way to overcome the hindrances is through WooCommerce. If you are a non-profit organization already using WooCommerce, you can optimize the website and expand your presence more effectively. Wondering how?  Usually, non-profits or NGOs often host events, sell merchandise, and automate their email.

Why WooCommerce benefits non-profits?

One of the most pertinent reasons for non-profits to get the most out of WooCommerce is that the free e-commerce plugin belongs to WordPress. With two major pillars of website building available for free, non-profits create an online presence for nothing. 

In contrast to this, other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify require a monthly subscription fee, which may also increase depending on the volume of traffic your website receives. With little funds to run their organizations, non-profits can purchase extensions easily and hire WooCommerce developers to make their website more interesting.  Here is why WooCommerce is the plugin meant for non-profit organizations:

  • Owning site backups to secure the organization’s data
  • Access the developers’ community that congregates in nearly 400 cities 
  • Control search engine optimization to ensure that your site is up there
  • Maximize your e-commerce potential with access to more than three hundred extensions tailored specifically for online businesses.
  • Customize the website and enjoy the flexibility 
  • You don’t need to write any code in WooCommerce; thanks to the open-source nature of WordPress

You can hire dedicated WooCommerce developers to make your non-profit stand out among the rest of the crowd. 

Best WooCommerce Practices for non-profitsto get the most out of their store?

Which are the best practices for non-profits to get success with WooCommerce?  Here is what you need to know:

1. Streamline navigation menu

Non-profits must focus on a menu that aids in smooth navigation for users. For instance, the ‘About Us’ page should emphasize essential information that users must see. Engage in a conversation with a WooCommerce development company to ensure that your organization’s crucial details are effectively showcased on this page.

2. Make the website responsive

Organizations that work for profit want to steer clear of negative user experience but even non-profits are not an exception. A good way to maximize the benefit of WooCommerce is to make the website mobile-friendly. That way, the website becomes easily accessible.

3. Include call-to-action button

If you are keen to convert users to volunteers and regular customers, the website needs to have similar attributes and features. Get the best suggestions about including call-to-action buttons with a web development outsourcing company and move ahead with real-time conversions. With buttons like ‘donate now’, ‘buy now’ etc. you can engage and motivate users on every page. If you want to add special customizations to the WooCommerce website of your non-profit store, you need to discuss your choices with the development company.

4. Set up payment gateways

Every non-profit organization depends on donations and yours is no exception. So, you need to add payment gateways to the website but if you want to make the donation process smooth, have an open-ended discussion with the developer for the best outcome.

5. Using white space

Don’t you think that your website content becomes more popular and readable when you have enough white space? Wondering why? White space helps in creating intermittent space between the texts and the website. It also creates a perfect balance between the space and the content, allowing you to get what you want. With WooCommerce, you can find the best theme for creating a balance between the white space and the content.

6. Optimizing WooCommerce images

You are familiar that people tend to be drawn to visually-appealing websites and images play a significant role. But using non-optimized images may strike disaster and lower the performance of your website. As a non-profit store, try using optimized images to rev up WooCommerce sites. Having said that, don’t forget that large files may inevitably lead to lowered speed or loading delays on WooCommerce sites. But don’t worry. With image compression plugins like Hammy, EWWW Image Optimizer, or WP-Smush.it, you can reduce the image size and optimize them on WooCommerce without dampening the quality. Eventually, it will help your non-profit site to thrive better.

7. Use subscription extension for repeated donations

Using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, it is easier to get repeated donations from the patrons of your non-profit store. You can team it up with another extension Name Your Price to allow the donor to choose a specific amount and set it up every month. It also sends the donors automated renewal notifications, so they won’t feel hurt by recurrent charges.

8. Recommending products on the checkout page

For successful sales, sneak into the checkout page of your e-commerce site. Wondering how? Use the product Recommendations extension to add some products on the checkout page that might be of some interest to the buyers. Imagine your buyers arriving at the checkout page for making donations. You can just tempt those buyers with a few more merchandise that they may decide to buy apart from donating. 

9. Bolster your online marketing efforts

WooCommerce comes handy for perking up your online marketing efforts. Thanks to the flexibility of this platform that allows you to manage everything in one go. Moreover, you have plenty of marketing extensions to experiment with to rev up your strategies. 

WooCommerce is the ideal choice for non-profits. Bhowcasing workrprivileged and so on. If you want to manage every aspect of your website effortlessly, follow the best practices for WooCommerce to get success. WooCommerce for non-profits is an ideal solution as you access different kinds of tools to create a professional and a robust website. While you get a platform to display all your activities, the customizations and applications may make a great difference to your mission. Just make sure to use the platform successfully and improve the clarity of your online presence.

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