Most Common LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes That You Avoid

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LinkedIn is a professional social network that has over 900 million users in the world. As a marketing professional, you may have come across profiles without a photo or with incomplete information. This will give you a negative impression.

We care about your reputation online, so we’ve selected common mistakes that you shouldn’t make in your LinkedIn profile.

No profile picture

Users who upload a photo to their profile are seven times more likely than others to get contacted. It is not enough just to have a profile photo.

Your profile photo should be professional and current. This means that you cannot use a picture of your partner or a night with friends.

It is also important to have a profile picture. There will be people who contact you, and they might think it’s a fake profile or it’s so old you don’t use it.

You have not completed your profile 100%

Users who don’t have their profiles completed or updated will get fewer visits, according to some analyses, because users with a full profile receive 45% more visits. They do not complete it.

If you misspell words, they will appear on your profile.

Your future contacts may not view your professional standing as credible if you don’t pay attention to these factors.

You are not a part of the groups you find interesting

Joining and participating in groups that you are interested in and that you know will be of interest to those you wish to contact is a good way to build strong professional relationships.

It is important to customize the default expressions when you are trying to contact someone. It may sound silly but your contacts will appreciate it because they might think you’re lazy and ignore them on social media.

Not being honest in your description

It is important, to be honest when you describe your education or your work experience. It is important to include the dates of your beginning and end.

We also advise you to not lie about your achievements or the fact that you have worked with important people.

Someone you know could always discover the truth about your online reputation. Put your skills and the positions you’ve held in your career.

Asking for suggestions is not acceptable

It is very important to have users recommend you, and comment on your work attitudes and skills. You should not be influenced by a friend who has a different profession on the social network.

You must have your superiors write about your career to add credibility to your profile.

Not customizing your URL

If you register on LinkedIn by default, you will see a URL under your profile. Also, you should remove all the symbols and numbers that are there and replace them with your name and first initial so that people can find you easily when they search for you in search engines such as Google.

And this will lead people to believe that you don’t know how to use the latest technologies and that you aren’t up-to-date with new topics related to your profession.

You can’t tell which profiles you have examined

You should be aware that, if you’re looking for business opportunities, or simply researching your competitors, they may see your profile if you don’t change your privacy settings.

Also, you can change the conditions by clicking the Settings button in the upper-right corner.

Here, you can choose what other users will see on your profile when you click the Visibility/Profile Display options.

And you can also change the information you want to display, such as only displaying your name and surname, or the activity sector to which you belong.

You have not set up your public profile

If your profile is set to public, anyone can search for you on a search engine like Google and see the entire profile. This is true even if the search was done directly through the social network.

Some users do not wish to have this happen, as it is very easy to give out too much personal information. Also, they choose to make certain parts of their profile private.

Checking activity notifications

You can change the option so that your contacts don’t receive notifications every time you make a change to your profile.

You may think that deactivating the network will prevent important professionals from knowing your achievements.

You can still make sure that your contacts can see your important professional actions such as publishing a book. Click on Start, and then click Create Publication. Write what you would like to publish, and don’t forget to choose which users you want to view it.

These tips should help you improve your business’s image and management of the social media network. If you need any help regarding creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy contact us at Digital Specialist.

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