Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat Planets

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Being the most popular app Snapchat introduces new and unique features every day that makes it more desirable among social media freaks. In addition, Snapchat has introduced a new and innovative feature called Snapchat Planets. But many users do have not enough knowledge about it and they are seeking information about the newest Snapchat features Snapchat Planets orders.

Are you eager to know all about the snapchat solar system?

Well, we are here with all the information that you need to know about it in this post. Have a look.

What Do Snapchat Planets Mean On Snapchat?

Just like a natural solar system, Snapchat has launched a totally new concept of representing how close you are with some of your specific friends depending upon the interactions. It is the best way to see your best friend list on Snapchat and the snapchat solar system assigns each planet to your 8 most close friends.

Assuming that you are the sun and encircle eight of your best friend then your closest friend with whom you interact frequently will assign the position Mercury because Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the one with whom you rarely interact will be assigned Neptune.

Different Meanings of Every Planet on Snapchat 

If you are the sun, then how will you arrange snapchat planets order?

To make you understand better here are the Snapchat plus planets, and their orders.

  • Mercury: Depending upon how many streaks and messages you are sharing with some of your friends Snapchat ranks your closest friend and assigns them a pink-colored red-hearted planet, Mercury.
  • Venus: Venus represents the second closest planet to the sun, similarly, Snapchat assigns the beige-colored planet Venus as the second best friend.
  •  Earth: This blue and green colored planet Earth represents your third closest friend on Snapchat Plus.
  • Mars: A red-colored planet with purple and blue hearts around it Mars represents your fourth closest friend.
  • Jupiter:  An orange-colored planet surrounded by stars Jupiter is assigned to your fifth best friend on Snapchat.
  • Saturn: A yellow-colored planet with a ring surrounding it Saturn represents your sixth close friend.
  • Uranus: Uranus is displayed as a green-colored planet surrounded by stars which is assigned to your seventh close friend on Snapchat Plus.
  • Neptune: The eighth planet Neptune is the farther planet of the sun and represents your 8 th close friend with whom you rarely share streaks and messages.

Why Does Snapchat Solar System Not Working?

Now move to the next point where you can find out the reason why Solar System not working on your Snapchat. There are several reasons behind Snapchat Planets not working issue: 

No Subscriptions Plans

Snapchat Planets feature is a subscription-based feature. If the feature is not working in your Snapchat then there may be not a subscription available in your Snapchat. For that, you are supposed to take a subscription to Snapchat Plus or reactivate your plan. 

You are not a close friend of anyone

Another possible reason may be you are not so active on Snapchat and there is not a single close friend on your Snapchat. If you do not have any close friends or you are not so active on the platform then the feature will not be available on your Snapchat.

Not Linked to the Bitmoji

If you want to see Friend Solar Systems then it is necessary that both you and your friend have a linked Bitmoji. If the link to your Bitmoji is not completed then you can not see the solar system. 

More Features of Snapchat Plus

There are many features of Snapchat Plus. Read below to know more: 

Customise App Icon: This is an interesting feature where you can choose the custom app icon from Snapchat’s library.

Pin your BFF: This feature is for your close friend on Snapchat. With this feature, you can pin any friend’s #1 BFF, which will always show at the top of the list. 

Get early access: After getting subscribed to Snapchat Plus, you will get to know about the new feature before anyone else.

Snapchat+ Badge: You will also get the Snapchat+ Badge along with your name on Snapchat. Other users can also see the badge, and they will know that you have subscribed to Snapchat Plus.

Customize your App: You can also customize your app. You can use Chat wallpapers, Bitmoji backgrounds, custom notification sounds, and many more.

Rewatches count: In this feature, you can see who has viewed your story how many times. If someone views your story more than once, you will know about it.

Wrapping Up

Here we have mentioned every detail that you should know about snapchat planets and their order. As you read in this guide, being Mercury in someone’s solar system makes you his/her best friend. Moreover, the position of planets can be changed in a span of time, because of the interaction factor. It means when someone interacts with your best friend more than you, then the person can achieve the Mercury planet in your friend’s solar system.

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