Why Apple Vision Pro Couldn’t Secure a Launch Day Sellout?

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Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro: The Apple Vision Pro, which was supposedly available in extremely limited quantities, was surprisingly not sold out on launch day. The lowest-end 256GB model costs $3,500, the most expensive 512GB model is $3,699, and the most expensive 1TB model is $3,899.

On launch day, the 256GB Vision Pro was back ordered until March and beyond, although the 512GB and 1TB variants did not sell out of their initial supplies. You can still pick up one of the two greater capacity Vision Pro models in your local store, according to YouTuber Aaron Zollo (@zollotech) who tweeted the day after debut.

The availability of in-store pickup has changed, and all models now indicate shipping periods of 5-6 weeks, so this was no longer the case when this was written. Apple has been using the Vision Pro to herald the arrival of a new “era of spatial computing” even though the product is only available in the United States.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Apple may have had just sixty thousand to eighty thousand Vision Pro devices available on launch day, according to renowned Apple supply chain expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

Even with prices starting at an eye-watering $3,500 and going all the way up to $3,899, experts predicted that the item would sell out in no time. Despite Apple’s strong brand and marketing, competing augmented reality and virtual reality headsets have never been very popular.

The Vision Pro’s weight has been a subject of contention in the most recent wave of pre-launch media evaluations; it weighs as much as an iPad Pro 12.9 inches.

With only fifteen spatialized stock apps developed by Apple, the device’s apps and other experiences at launch also seem to be lacking. There isn’t much enthusiasm from third parties however; services like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube have all stated they don’t intend to make spatialized versions of their apps for the device.

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