Azur Promilia Announced, Secure Your Spot With Pre-Registration!

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Azur Promilia Announced

In the world of video games, the folks behind Azur Lane, known as Manjuu Games, have something new up their sleeves: Azur Promilia, a fantasy RPG. It’s a departure from their usual naval battles, offering a whole new adventure filled with magic and mystery.

Exciting news – pre-registration is now open! That means you can sign up early and get ready to dive into this fantastical world as soon as it launches. Get ready for an epic journey unlike any other!

Azur Promilia Announced

The company that made Azur Lane, Manjuu Games, announced that its next project is the fantasy RPG Azur Promilia. You can now pre-register for it. These details were revealed in the announcement trailer. The game doesn’t have a release date or a list of platforms yet, but the developer’s last game was only for mobile devices.

It looks like the game combines the control of collectible creatures from Palworld with the fighting and discovery of games like Genshin Impact. The announcement video mostly shows off the game world’s views and characters. The gameplay video that was also shared seems to show how to switch between characters and make teams, fight, and use creatures called Kibo to gather resources.

Azur Promilia Announced
Azur Promilia Announced

It also shows big fights with special attacks and flying mounts that could make exploring a lot easier. On the official website, you can also see some of the characters that you might be able to play as in the game. For example, there is Nono, the small explorer, and some Kibo creatures, like the Cabbird.

Manjuu’s earlier game, Azur Lane, had a crossover event with Senran Kagura in November 2024. This event added 7 new crossover characters to the game. Koei Tecmo also said that a figure of the Dead or Alive character Marie Rose would be made, based on her appearance in another Azur Lane crossover event.

There isn’t a release date for Azur Promilia yet, but you can pre-register on the main website.

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