New Xbox Console Leaks Sparks Speculation Of A 2024 Release!

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New Xbox Console Leaks

In South Korea, a brand-new Xbox system has received positive reviews. It’s been called an Xbox dev kit and has the model number 2089.

Since 2023, there have been reports that Microsoft might be trying to make changes to its Xbox Series consoles. Some people think this new gadget might be a digital-only form of the Series X.

Some court papers were leaked by chance while Microsoft and the FTC were in court fighting over buying Activision Blizzard. They showed what the Xbox Series X without discs might look like. It looks like it’s about the same size as the $499 system, but it’s shaped more like a round disc than a box.

New Xbox Console Leaks

NRRA, South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, approved a new Microsoft gadget about six months later. The entry, which was found on March 18 and shared by KoreaXboxNews on Twitter, calls it a “XDK console.”

This implies that it’s an Xbox dev kit, a customized version of a system designed to provide testing and debugging capabilities to game creators. This approval was last given to Microsoft in South Korea on June 11, 2020, just before the Xbox Series X and Series S systems were made public.

New Xbox Console Leaks
New Xbox Console Leaks

The model number for this brand-new equipment is 2089. It was 1882 for the Series X dev kit and 1881/1883 for the Series S dev kit. The NRRA said that this new device, like the Xbox Series X and Series S, comes from China and Vietnam.

Microsoft might talk about this new system in June. This estimate is based on the amount of time that passed between the Xbox Series X/S’s formal announcement and its certification in South Korea. Microsoft has already said that an Xbox Games Showcase will happen in June 2024.

This recent news about approval comes soon after a report said an Xbox Series X without discs might be released this summer. It could cost around $399, which is between the $299 Series S and the $499 Series X. The report also said it could be white, even though earlier photos showed it as black like the normal Series X.

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