DayZ Update 1.62 Patch Notes Packed With Bug-Fixing Adventures!!

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DayZ Update 1.62 Patch Notes

Bohemia Interactive, the renowned game developer behind the survival phenomenon DayZ, has rolled out Update 1.62 across consoles and PC platforms. This latest patch, while modest in size, packs a powerful punch by addressing several bugs that emerged following the recent release of the substantial 1.24 patch earlier this month.

Players encountering connectivity issues will find solace in knowing that today’s maintenance session aimed to resolve such concerns. Join us as we explore the changes and improvements introduced in this latest update, as DayZ continues to evolve and refine its gameplay for both new and veteran survivors alike.

DayZ Update 1.62 Patch Notes
DayZ Update 1.62 Patch Notes

DayZ Update 1.62 Patch Notes

Console Stable 1.24 Update 2 – Version 1.24.157551 (Release on 29.02.2024)


  • A loud sound distortion could appear upon entering the main menu
  • Fixed a duplication exploit (,, – all private)
  • Fixed an exploit to look through walls

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Since the main purpose of this patch was to repair bugs, don’t anticipate much from it. Bohemia Interactive has officially said that support for DayZ is coming in 2024! Visit our website,, to see what surprises players might anticipate from the popular survival game this year.

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