Dennis Tissington Arrested: Why Was He Sent To Prison?

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Dennis Tissington Arrested

In 2016, Dennis Tissington, a Canadian, got a lot of attention for a controversial event that was caught on video and that many people called “a malicious deed.” He broke the window of a car in this case. After reports that he had died, he has recently become a topic of conversation again. It hasn’t been proven, but it’s thought that Dennis died because his health was getting worse.

Why Was Dennis Tissington Arrested?

After breaking the windows, Dennis Tissington was arrested and charged with mischief, which made a lot of people look closely at him. However, details about his court processes, like whether he spent time in jail or was charged with assault, have not been made public. He seems to have withdrawn from public view, which makes his life even more mysterious.

Why Was Dennis Tissington Arrested?
Why Was Dennis Tissington Arrested?

How Did Dennis Tissington Get Well-Known?

In 2016, social media went crazy after a video went viral of a 67-year-old man, later named Dennis, breaking the windows of a car while someone was inside. Dennis, who some people online called the “psycho old man,” was seen hitting Damian Dallyn with a stick inside his car.

Here is the video of Dennis Tissington which went viral:

Damian said that the reason for his visit was at first to have a calm talk with Dennis’s grandson Tyler Stojan about an argument they had about landscaping. After they talked, Dennis approached Damian with a stick as he walked back to his car, which made Damian start recording.

The video showed Dennis, who was very angry, breaking two windows in Damian’s car. Since Damian was in the car at the time, he said that the act hurt him in many ways.  His family didn’t say anything about what happened for a while. But in the end, they spoke out in a statement they called “The Other Side.”

That’s when the stepson, Tyler Stojan, said that the fight with Damian Dallyn started in 2014 when Damian threatened him. After Dallyn showed up at their house, Tyler said that his dad stepped in to help. In addition, Tyler said he was going to hire a lawyer to sue Dallyn for libel.

Has Dennis Tissington Died?

No information has been revealed about Dennis Tissington’s death, not even about what caused it. According to some sources, the old man died because of a long-term illness that got worse over time. These reports say that his health got worse with age, which caused him to die in 2022. On the other hand, there are reports that the Canadian man died in jail.

Dennis’s family hasn’t confirmed or denied these stories of his death yet, so people on social media are left with mixed feelings and guesses. It is expected that his family will finally address these reports and give more information about how he died.

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