Who Is Dennis Tissington And Are The Rumors Of His Death True?

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Dennis Tissington

Dennis Tissington was an old man who became famous online in 2016 when a video of him breaking Damian Dallyn’s car windows went viral. He was said to have died not long ago, but the details of his death are still not clear, and his family has not yet confirmed whether the news is true or fake.

Who Was Dennis Tissington?

Lots of people didn’t know there was a man named Dennis James Tissington until August 2016, when a video of him became popular online. In the video, he was seen breaking the windows of a car during a fight with another guy named Damian Dallyn. At the same time, something happened in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

It was strange for a man who was 67 years old at the time to act the way he did. A lot of people wanted to know who Dennis was, but there isn’t much information out there about him other than the fact that he worked at a home-building company in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, according to CTV News.

Who Was Dennis Tissington
Who Was Dennis Tissington

This video that made him famous was made and shared online by Damian Dallyn, whose car windows he broke. Dallyn told CTV News that he was trying to settle a gardening dispute with Tyler Stojan, Dennis Tissington’s stepson, on August 6, 2016, and that they got into a fight. After the argument, Dallyn walked back to his car.

Dennis walked up to Damian while he was sitting in his stopped car by the side of the road and carrying a baton. This is when the first person started recording with his phone. The man tells Damian, “You’ll end up in the hospital if you don’t leave now.” After that, he uses the stick to break the front window on the driver’s side and then the back window on the passenger side.

Here is the official Twitter post for your perusal:

Did Dennis Tissington Went To Jail?

The Grande Prairie Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) told CTV News that they were first called about the incident at 4:30 p.m. on the afternoon of the event itself. Dennis Tissington was then arrested and charged with mischief.

But Damian Dallyn, the man he attacked, wasn’t happy because he thought he should also be charged with assault and weapons. A lot of people in different internet groups also didn’t like the charge and agreed with Damian that it should be more than that.

The court date for Tissington was October 3, 2016, but no one seems to know how the case turned out. A lot of people on Reddit were eager for news about the “crazy boomer” when the topic came up in 2020. Sadly, no one could tell us anything about that.

But in response to someone saying that boomers run the game and don’t go to jail, a member of the platform said, “Yes, you’re right. He got off with a slap on the wrist and pretty much permission to do it again. No time in jail.”

Did Dennis Tissington Went To Jail
Did Dennis Tissington Went To Jail

Are Dennis Tissington’s Death Rumors Correct?

In January 2022, not even six years after the event, it was said that Dennis Tissington had died. It was also said that he had died in jail. But as of now, neither an official website nor a member of his family has confirmed the rumors.

The report seems to be a fake at this point. Since the car-window-smashing video became popular in 2016, no one has heard anything about the old man. This could be an attempt by the person who started the story to get Dennis or his family to talk about him and the event that made him famous.

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