Who Is Drew Afualo Boyfriend And What Is The Duration Of Their Relationship?

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Drew Afualo Boyfriend

Drew Afualo, well-known for her widely shared humorous and inspirational messages against misogyny on TikTok, has spoken out about her relationship with Pili Tanuvasa. Their relationship has become a popular part of her online life, and she posts about their journeys, parties, and support for each other on social media sites.

Even though Pili Tanuvasa isn’t as well-known on social media as Drew, she has been in a number of posts and videos that Drew shares with her fans about their relationship. Fans love how real and happy the couple’s exchanges are because they show how close they are and how much they laugh together.

Drew Afualo Boyfriend

Pili Tanuvasa, a US-born fitness teacher with a background in the Pacific Islands, is the partner of Drew Afualo. He is from Southern California, just like Afualo.

In college, he played American football, and after finishing his first year of school, he started working as an exercise instructor. As of 2024, he runs his exercise center in California, which has a wide range of customers.

It’s not clear when Drew Afualo and Pili Tanuvasa started dating, but they were together by the time Afualo got her first job in the NFL in 2019. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Afualo lost her job, which made Tanuvasa urge her to start a TikTok career.

The following is an Instagram post featuring Pili Tanuvasa and Drew Afualo:


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Tanuvasa often interacts with Afualo’s posts on social media and supports them by leaving comments. “Strong Like Drew” is the name of the exercise program they started together. It has been used in several U.S. cities. There have been two versions of this program so far. They are still together and doing well in 2024.

Drew Afualo Boyfriend
Drew Afualo Boyfriend

Timeline Of Drew Afualo And Pili Tanuvasa’s Relationship

Drew Afualo and Pili Tanuvasa’s love story is a fascinating account of the important times they spent together. In September 2017, just one month into their relationship, Drew shared the first picture of the two of them together at a UH field.

They have celebrated holidays like Valentine’s Day and attended glitzy red carpet events together, diligently recording their victories on social media. Their relationship has grown stronger over time, as shown by how happy they are to celebrate each other’s special occasions and working successes.

The following is an Instagram post about the anniversary of Drew Afualo and Pili Tanuvasa:


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On Drew’s 27th birthday in September 2022, Pili told her how much he loved and admired her. This shows how close they are and how much they care for each other. Also, the couple made a memorable showing at the opening of “Black Adam” in October 2022, where Drew was the host. This was another important event in their shared story.

The relationship between Drew Afualo and Pili Tanuvasa stands out as a great example of long-lasting love and helping each other out in the fast-paced world of social media. Drew continues to charm millions with her funny TikTok videos, and Pili inspires many with his fitness journey.

For many of their fans, their relationship is a symbol of love and motivation. Cheers to Drew Afualo and Pili Tanuvasa, whose relationship keeps getting better in public view.

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