Evernote’s New Free Plan: What You Need to Know

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Evernote's New Free Plan What You Need to Know

Evernote, a popular note-taking app, has announced changes to its free plan, set to take effect from December 4. The new free plan will limit users to 50 notes and one notebook. While existing free customers exceeding these limits can still view, edit, delete, and export their notes, they must upgrade to a paid plan or reduce their note count to create new ones.

Why the Change?

Evernote suggests that the majority of its free users already fall within the new limits, stating, “the everyday experience for most Free users will remain unchanged.” This move is likely aimed at encouraging more users to consider the benefits of Evernote’s premium plans.

What Are the Premium Plans?

Evernote’s premium plans, deemed essential for more extensive use, include a $15 monthly Personal plan with 10GB of monthly uploads. Users can opt for a $18 tier, doubling the upload limit to 20GB and offering additional perks. Annual versions of these plans are also available for $130 and $170, respectively.

Considerations for Users

These changes may prompt existing users to reassess their relationship with Evernote. It’s essential to evaluate individual usage patterns and to determine whether the new free plan aligns with personal requirements or if a premium plan offers more suitable features.

Alternatives to Evernote

For users seeking more generous free plans, several alternatives exist, including Notion, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Bear (for Apple devices), Obsidian, and SimpleNote. Exploring these options can help users find a note-taking solution that best fits their preferences and usage requirements.

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Evernote’s Recent History

Earlier this year, Evernote’s parent company, Bending Spoons, relocated its operations from the US and Chile to Europe, resulting in significant layoffs. The company acknowledged Evernote’s unprofitability for years. These recent changes may reflect an effort to reshape the app’s financial landscape and better align with user needs and expectations.

As the note-taking landscape evolves, users are encouraged to explore available options, assess their specific requirements, and choose a platform that enhances their productivity and overall experience.

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