Fixing a Vision Pro Cover Glass Will Cost $799 if You Don’t Have Applecare Plus!

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At $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro headset isn’t exactly cheap. Please treat your new headset with care if you do not opt to purchase AppleCare Plus, which adds $24.99 monthly or $499 for two years of coverage. According to Apple’s revised Vision Pro support page, the cost to fix a cracked cover glass for those without a coverage subscription is $799.

If you have AppleCare Plus, fixing a broken cover glass or any other damage caused by accident will cost $299. Two years of AppleCare Plus plus the discounted cover glass repair fee comes to $798 at this rate, which is $1 less than the cost of repair without the service package.

Any “unexpected and unintentional external event,” such as a liquid spill or the gadget being dropped, is covered according to the terms and conditions (pdf). Rest easy if you’re exceptionally clumsy; an AppleCare Plus subscription covers a “unlimited” number of occurrences over the course of two years—as long as you can muster the $299 each time.

Perhaps Apple’s extended warranty for the Vision Pro is necessary for more complex repairs. Extended coverage continues even if the damage necessitates a device replacement, saving you money compared to the cost of repairs, which could reach $2,399—more than two-thirds of the cost of a brand-new Vision Pro.

Fixing a Vision Pro Cover Glass Will Cost $799 if You Don't Have Applecare Plus

Although Apple did not specify what kind of damage would necessitate a complete replacement, it’s safe to assume that your neighbourhood repair shop does not have a Micro-OLED display with 23 million pixels sitting around in the back.

When compared to Apple’s official channels, the rising availability of do-it-yourself and third-party repair services can be a more cost-effective option.

Apple promised last year to make its devices’ components, tools, and information accessible for do-it-yourself repairs in response to right-to-repair legislation passed in several US jurisdictions, including California, Minnesota, and New York. Following the release of the iPhone 15 last autumn, Apple extended its self-service repair options to include the new phones approximately one month later.

If this trend continues with the Vision Pro, then both third-party and DIY repair options will be available for any issues that arise. Buyers of Vision Pro should exercise extreme caution while out and about in their new spectacles for the time being, and think about adding the price of AppleCare Plus to the already hefty price tag.

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