Halide’s Cinematic Leap: Introducing Kino, the Dedicated iPhone Video Capture App

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Halide's Cinematic Leap

Renowned for its groundbreaking Halide photography app, Lux, the development team behind the app, has declared an emphatic “Never” to the integration of video capture features into Halide. Instead, Lux is shifting its focus towards Kino, an upcoming video capture app dedicated to iPhones, designed to offer professional recording capabilities, especially with Apple’s newfound support for log video encoding. The anticipated release date is set for February, barring unforeseen circumstances.

A Cinematic Leap with Kino

Much like Halide revolutionized iPhone photography in 2017, Kino’s inception is closely tied to Apple’s announcement of log video encoding support in September. Log video encoding, described by Halide co-founder Ben Sandofsky as “what RAW is to photographers,” enables filmmakers to preserve intricate details for advanced post-production color grading. Notably, Apple Log, the company’s proprietary version of log video encoding, is currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Sparse Details, High Anticipation

While details about Kino’s features remain scant, anticipation is palpable within the creative community. Sandofsky utilized a “simple version” of the Kino app for his video announcement, refraining from divulging specific features. The app’s pricing structure also remains undisclosed at this juncture.

Transparent Development and a Deadline to Meet

With a slated launch deadline in February 2024, the Kino development team aims for transparency, openly sharing progress updates along the way. Sandofsky, balancing professional commitments with personal milestones, acknowledged that the team has a conceptual vision for the app but is yet to chart the complete development journey.

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“We have an idea for what we want the app to be, but we don’t know how we’re going to get there,” Sandofsky remarked, encapsulating the dynamic and evolving nature of the app development process. The team’s commitment to an open dialogue with users suggests a collaborative approach to refining Kino into a tool that meets the diverse needs of filmmakers and video enthusiasts.

In a technology landscape where creativity is boundless, Kino emerges as a promising addition, poised to empower iPhone users with sophisticated video recording capabilities. As Lux ventures into the realm of cinematography, the countdown to Kino’s debut adds an exciting chapter to the evolving narrative of mobile content creation.

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