iOS 17.4 Release Date And Features: What Can We Expect From This New Update?

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iOS 17.4 Release Date And Features

Apple is getting ready to release the next version of iOS 17. We’re here to break down the rumors about iOS 17.4’s features and release date and share what we know about the cool new features in this update. Some of the most important changes will only be available in the European Union (EU), but iPhone and iPad users all over the world will be able to get a lot of updates. Let’s talk about everything we know about the new iOS 17.4!!

What Is The Expected Release Date Of iOS 17.4?

The new iOS 17.4 will be out in the first week of March. A lot of the time, Apple doesn’t tell us when a new version of iOS is coming out. But this time, things are a little different.

This is because iOS 17.4 makes the changes to the iPhone and the App Store that the Digital Markets Act in the EU says are needed. March 6 is the last day for Apple to follow the Digital Markets Act. This means that iOS 17.4 has to come out by March 6 or earlier.

What Is The Expected Release Date Of iOS 17.4
What Is The Expected Release Date Of iOS 17.4

What Are The New Features Coming In Apple iOS 17.4?

Some of the things that iOS 17.4 is likely to have are:

EU Changes

To meet the requirements of the Digital Markets Act, Apple has made some important changes to how the App Store and apps work in the EU. This includes letting other app stores sell apps on iOS. Users in the EU can switch from their favorite store to the default app store if they want to. You can now download apps from places other than the App Store, making it easier for more people to use.

Updates For Third-Party Browsers

For EU users, iOS 17.4 adds a new feature when they open Safari: they will now see a pop-up that lets them choose a new preferred browser from a list of popular iOS browser engines. Apple is also no longer forcing other computers, like Chrome, to use the WebKit engine.

Cloud-Based Games

The App Store now allows standalone cloud game apps, which is an improvement that will be available to everyone. This means that cloud streaming apps that were only available on the web can now be downloaded directly.

For example, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce apps now have better support. Chatbots, plug-ins, mini-apps, and mini-games should now be able to use the in-app purchase system. They can also be bought directly from the app store.

What Are The New Features Coming In Apple iOS 17.4?
What Are The New Features Coming In Apple iOS 17.4?

New Emojis

A bunch of new emoji characters will be added to iOS 17.4 as part of the Unicode 15.1 update that was accepted in September 2023. Over 100 new items will be added for users to enjoy, such as a slice of lime, a brown mushroom that can be eaten, a phoenix, a broken chain, and shaking head motions for moving up and down and side to side.

Audio Transcripts For Podcast Apps

Podcasts will now have transcripts of the spoken content of each show or episode, similar to how songs are shown in the Apple Music app. Apple can make these, but creators will also be able to share their own episode transcripts.

Protection For Stolen Devices

A new option has been added to the Stolen Device Protection area of the Settings app as part of another update to Apple iOS 17.4. Users can now pick whether they want a security delay all the time or only when they’re not in a known place.

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Through methods like requiring Face ID or Touch ID with no password fallback to perform certain security actions, this feature makes devices safer and gives users more control over their stolen devices.

Is The New Version Worth Updating?

It’s a safe bet that iOS 17 is an update that you should get. It promises a lot of new features, security fixes, and easier access. But if you’re running out of room on your phone or have an older iPhone that won’t work with iOS 17, like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, iOS 16 might work for you for a little while longer.

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