James Lillis Net Worth: What Was His Wealth At The Time Of His Passing?

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James Lillis Net Worth

Black Milk Clothing is a well-known fashion brand from Brisbane, Australia, founded by James Lillis. The brand is known for its unique designs. When the Australian businessman died while visiting abroad, there was a lot of talk about him on the internet. He passed away on February 22. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about James Lillis’s net worth in this article below.

James Lillis Net Worth

The founder of Black Milk Clothing, James Lillis, had a lot of wealth. Still, the exact amount has not been confirmed yet. The Australian business giant must have earned a good chunk of the money from working in the fashion industry for so long.

All of this is possible because he had a limitless mind, which showed how much he wanted to push the limits of fashion. A lot of popular musicians, like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, have worn Black Milk. This says a lot about how great the business is. Every collection shows his love and skill, telling stories about who he is and what he sees in the future.

James Lillis Net Worth
James Lillis Net Worth

James Lillis’ Tragic Death

American businessman James Lillis came up with the idea for the famous clothing line Black Milk. Sadly, something terrible happened while he was on holiday with his family abroad. What was supposed to be a happy family vacation turned into a terrible event for his wife and daughters.

Reports say that James Lillis was in a very bad accident while on holiday on Thursday, February 22, 2024. The serious injuries James Lillis got in the crash that no one knows about are thought to have caused his death. During his last moments, his wife Linda and two children were with him.

In a sad statement posted on social media on Friday, his formal team told people about the tragic news of James’ passing. The team members appeared very sad and upset about the news.

Look at the Instagram post uploaded by James Lillis’ team:

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