Countdown To The End: Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes Launch Time Announced!

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Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes

Everything changes in the Last Epoch 1.0 patch notes. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the actual release of Last Epoch 1.0. New Masteries, Falconer, and Warlock, as well as new skills and passives, are just a few of them. Let us discuss everything we know about Last Epoch 1.0 patch notes!!

Early Access Reviews For Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes

After the turbulent first two seasons of Diablo 4, and in the interim between PoE and PoE2, Last Epoch has captivated and enthralled role-playing game enthusiasts searching for something new.

Last Epoch has an 88% good review rate on Steam, where it has been tweaked and improved since its early alpha phase in 2018. It’s not as simple as D4 and not as “huge-brain” as Path of Exile. The 1.0 update for Last Epoch has now been made public, making it available to everyone.

In fact, the patch 1.0 update is so big that Last Epoch had to shut down all of its servers for 24 hours to get them ready for the start.

Game Director, Judd Cobler said: “We also want to mention again here that to prepare the servers for our release on February 21st, we will be shutting down our servers 24 hours before the patch, starting: Today at 5:00 pm (UK time)”

Early Access Reviews For Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes
Early Access Reviews For Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes

Launch Times For Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes

You can find all of the launch times for Last Epoch 1.0 listed here, broken down by time zone.

  • Los Angeles 09:00 (PST)
  • Chicago  11:00 (CST)
  • London  17:00 (GMT)
  • Paris  18:00 (CET)

Also, it’s important to know that after Last Epoch’s official launch on February 21, its price will stay the same as it was during its Early Access part for a while.

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