LEGO Fortnite: Existing Skins Receive Free LEGO Styles

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LEGO Fortnite Existing Skins Receive Free LEGO Styles

Fortnite players are in for a treat with the upcoming LEGO Fortnite collaboration set to launch later this week. Epic Games has announced that 1,200 existing outfits (skins) within Fortnite will receive LEGO Styles for free as part of the crossover event. This means players won’t have to repurchase their favorite skins in LEGO form; instead, these outfits will be automatically converted to LEGO Styles.

Here are the key details:

1. Free LEGO Styles for 1,200 Existing Outfits:

  • Players who own certain outfits in Fortnite will receive the LEGO treatment for those skins without any additional cost. This applies to 1,200 existing outfits, allowing players to enjoy the LEGO versions of their favorite skins seamlessly.

2. Automatic Inclusion in the Locker:

  • LEGO Styles for the outfits players already own will be automatically added to their Locker within Fortnite. Players won’t need to take any extra steps or make additional purchases to access the LEGO Styles.

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3. Complimentary LEGO Styles for Emotes:

  • In addition to outfit LEGO Styles, players will also receive LEGO Styles for a selection of existing emotes. This means players can use these emotes with the LEGO Styles of their outfits without any extra charges.

This move by Epic Games to provide LEGO Styles for existing outfits at no additional cost is likely to be well-received by the Fortnite community. It enhances the appeal of the LEGO Fortnite collaboration and encourages players to explore the new LEGO-themed open-world experience within the game.

The LEGO Fortnite collaboration is set to launch on December 7, offering players a fresh and playful experience within the popular Battle Royale title.

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