Microsoft Renames Bing Chat to Copilot, Expanding Features

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Microsoft Renames Bing Chat to Copilot

In a recent announcement at Microsoft Ignite 2023, Microsoft revealed the rebranding of Bing Chat, its AI-powered chatbot, to Copilot. This name change also extends to the premium, corporate-focused version formerly known as Bing Chat Enterprise, which is now also named Copilot.

Reasons for the Renaming:

Microsoft clarified that the renaming is not intended to cause confusion. Instead, it aligns with the company’s vision to create a unified Copilot experience for both consumer and commercial customers. Despite having multiple products under the Copilot brand, Microsoft aims to streamline and enhance the overall Copilot experience.

Enhancements and Commercial Data Protection:

Starting December 1, users signing into Bing with a corporate account, specifically a Microsoft Entra ID, will benefit from “commercial data protection” when using Copilot. This ensures that user data is not saved or used to train AI models, providing an added layer of privacy. Microsoft plans to expand eligibility for Copilot with commercial data protection to more Entra ID users over time.

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Availability and Pricing:

Copilot is now accessible in Windows,, and Bing. It is included in various enterprise subscription plans such as Microsoft 365 E, E5, Business Premium, and Business Standard at no extra cost. Additionally, Microsoft 365 F3 subscribers will have access starting December 1. For other customers, Copilot will be available à la carte for $5 per month.

These changes indicate Microsoft’s commitment to refining and expanding its AI-powered capabilities, emphasizing a seamless experience for users across both consumer and commercial domains.

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