Who Is Nik Airball Wife? What Is His Marital Status?

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Nik Airball Wife

In real life, Nikhil Segel who is known as Nik Airball is a famous and skilled professional poker player. As a child, he was completely hooked on poker. His family and he started playing poker together all the time, and he finally moved to the US to follow his love of the game. His reputation as one of the best poker players in the world has grown dramatically. Here, we’ll talk about Nik Airball’s wife, his early life, and his profession.

Nik Airball’s Wife

Nick Airball is not married to anyone. Also, nothing is known about his personal relationships. Many people are interested in Nik Airball’s wife, so we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about his marriage. Nik Airball has never said anything about his personal life, so we don’t know if he has a wife or not.

Nik Airball's Wife
Nik Airball’s Wife

The Early Years Of Nik Airball

Nik Airball was born on September 22, 1988, in Mumbai, India. His parents, who were also big poker players, taught him how to play when he was a little kid. After falling in love with poker right away, Nik started playing it with his family all the time.

In order to follow his love of poker, Nik moved to the United States when he was 18. He started out by playing in local poker groups, and he quickly became known as a great player. He later became famous for playing poker online under the name “Nik Airball.”

Indian poker player Nik Airball is one of the most famous in the world because of how well he plays. Besides that, he has been in poker magazines and on poker TV shows.

Nik Airball’s Professional Journey

Nick grew up in a family that loved poker, and he fell in love with the game right away. He went to the United States when he was eighteen to follow his dream of playing poker.

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After winning good amounts of money in several well-known poker events, such as the European Poker Tour (EPT) and the World Series of Poker (WSOP), he quickly became known as the best poker player in the world.

Besides winning a lot of big live and online poker events, he also came in fourth place at the 2014 WSOP Main Event and won a cool $2.8 million. During his career, he has won a lot of big games, such as the Caribbean Adventure, which paid out $750k, and the 2018 PokerStars Higher Roller event, which paid out $25k.

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