Who Was Zach Bryan Wife And What Led To Their Separation?

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Zach Bryan Wife

In spite of his recent public debut, Zach Bryan has garnered overwhelming acclaim from country music enthusiasts, and his fan base continues to expand. People who aren’t familiar with the singer may think that his fame came quickly, but it took years of hard work. Bryan started writing songs when he was only fourteen years old.

Bryan eventually started taking steps in this direction by posting videos of himself singing songs he had written. He quickly connected with people all over the world, and the more he shared, the stronger his cause became.

In the self-released CD De Ann, which he made with friends in an Airbnb, he called himself a poet’s singer. It’s crazy that the TV show Yellowstone has acquired several songs from the record.

Bryan’s big break came in 2019 when he posted the song “Heading South,” which got millions of views very quickly. It was the spark that made Bryan famous and inspired him to make his first solo record, American Heartbreak.

Singles by Zach Bryan like “Late July,” “From Austin,” and “Half Grown” were big hits and helped him get a lot more fans. Although, he is very famous people want to know about his personal life. Read this article till the very end to know everything!!

Who Was Zach Bryan Wife?

Even though Zach Bryan grew up in Oologah, Oklahoma, he was born in Okinawa, Japan, while his Navy father was stationed there. Bryan’s dad, Dewayne Bryan, and mom, Annette DeAnn, along with his grandparents, uncles, and great-grandfather, all served in the US Navy.

Bryan joined the United States Navy when he was seventeen, just like his father did. Elizabeth Rose Madden, a fellow Navy veteran who often appeared in Bryan’s videos and even sang background vocals on some of his rough-cut DIY songs, was the woman he married in the barracks, where he continued to make music with his friends.

Who Was Zach Bryan Wife
Who Was Zach Bryan Wife

Rose Madden and Zach Bryan got married in 2020 at Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington. During the height of COVID-19, the two bravely dealt with the chaos that followed, chance meetings, state-mandated limits on groups, and the problems that came with travel restrictions. The reception took place on the couple’s five-acre farm in rural Island County, just two weeks after they secretly got married on top of a mountain.

Here is an official Facebook post:

Why Did Elizabeth Rose Madden And Zach Bryan Got Divorced?

Zach Bryan and Rose Madden did not always get along. There was a rumor that they fought about being loyal and cheating, and they broke up while Madden was stationed in Europe.

Bryan is said to have been cheating on his wife, but this has not been proven. Another claim says that Madden felt humiliated by Bryan’s overnight success. All of the couple’s Instagram posts have been taken down by Bryan since Madden stopped using all social media.

Is Zach Bryan Seeing Someone Right Now?

The singer is seeing Deb Peifer right now. In December 2022, Bryan posted several nice things about his lady in less than 30 seconds but now the posts have been removed. The first tweet showed Peifer’s undying love for him, no matter where he was or who he was. He called her “my right-hand lady” in his second message and told her to stay true to herself.

Is Zach Bryan Seeing Someone Right Now?
Is Zach Bryan Seeing Someone Right Now?

He also said that he was thankful for living more and more every day. The artist talked about them in a song in his third tweet and hoped that God would bless and keep them together.

In 2019, Peifer had the best party ever for her 21st birthday. Her Instagram feed shows that she likes going on trips with her friends and playing lacrosse in high school.

Deb Peifer posted the following post on Instagram on her 21st birthday:


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