OpenAI Leaks Significant ChatGPT Update Ahead of Developer Conference

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OpenAI Leaks Significant ChatGPT Update

As OpenAI gears up for its first-ever developer conference, a substantial ChatGPT update has been leaked, offering a glimpse of exciting new features. This update, known as Gizmo, appears to empower users with a custom chatbot creator that leverages GPT-4’s advanced capabilities, including web browsing and data analysis.

Furthermore, OpenAI seems to be introducing a new marketplace where users can share their chatbots or explore creations by others. In this article, we explore the leaked features, providing insights into the potential evolution of ChatGPT.

Gizmo: Unveiling ChatGPT’s Powerhouse

Screenshots and videos leaked by The Decoder reveal an upcoming ChatGPT feature known as Gizmo. It showcases a custom chatbot creator equipped with many of the features already available in ChatGPT, now bolstered by GPT-4’s capabilities. This includes web browsing and data analysis, making chatbots even more versatile and powerful. Users can explore a wide range of applications, from generating visuals for new products to data analysis.

The feature, initially referred to as “Magic Maker,” has been officially dubbed “GPT Builder.” It allows users to enter prompts, which serve as the foundation for creating chatbots. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, providing users with the tools to shape their chatbot’s language, tone, writing style, and functionality.

Customization and Configuration

The “Create” tab in GPT Builder offers options to select the chatbot’s default language, tone, and writing style. Users can fine-tune their chatbot’s characteristics to align with their specific needs. The “Configure” tab enables users to provide a name, description, and instructions to their chatbot, defining its boundaries and capabilities. Users can also upload files to create a personalized knowledge base, configure features like web browsing and image generation, and even add custom actions to their chatbot.

The “Preview pane” allows users to test their chatbot in real time, facilitating the fine-tuning of interactions and responses. It streamlines the process of creating a chatbot tailored to the user’s requirements.

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Enterprise Subscription Plans

In addition to the new ChatGPT features, OpenAI appears to be introducing an enterprise “Team” subscription plan. This plan, designed for collaborative work, offers both “Flexible” and “Annual” options. The leaked screenshot highlights features like unlimited high-speed GPT-4 and four times longer context, all at a rate of $25 per user, per month. Users preferring non-annual billing can access the Team plan for $30 per month. Both options mandate a minimum of three users, catering to various enterprise needs.

OpenAI’s Developer Conference

OpenAI has exciting plans in store for its developer conference scheduled for Monday. This event will serve as the platform to showcase and preview these innovative tools and features. Users and developers alike can look forward to gaining firsthand insights into the future of ChatGPT and how these leaked features will shape the AI landscape.

As these leaks indicate, ChatGPT is undergoing a significant transformation, positioning itself as a powerful tool with enhanced capabilities. This sneak peek into Gizmo and the Team subscription plan suggests OpenAI’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its users and expanding the horizons of AI-powered applications.


OpenAI’s leaked ChatGPT update promises a wealth of exciting features, including an advanced chatbot creator and enterprise subscription plans. These additions are poised to enhance the utility of ChatGPT and cater to the collaborative needs of enterprises. With OpenAI’s developer conference just around the corner, users and developers eagerly anticipate the official unveiling of these innovations, eager to explore their full potential in the AI landscape.

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