Reynatis Worldwide Release Date Confirmed: From Japan To The World!!

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Reynatis Worldwide Release Date

After making its debut on the Japanese Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, the game Reynatis was thought to be exclusive to Japan. However, its announcement of a global release in 2024 shocked enthusiasts. Players of every ability level are excited for this intriguing game to come to the PC, Switch, and PlayStation platforms. Let us explore everything there is to know about Reynatis’ worldwide release date!!

Reynatis Worldwide Release Date

The Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase last week had a ton of fascinating news, including the release on Switch of Xbox exclusives like Pentiment and Grounded as well as the long-awaited remake of Epic Mickey after over 10 years. That only applied to the English Partner Showcase; the Japanese one featured a few exclusive announcements, such as Mother 3’s Cross-Platform version via Nintendo Switch Online.

Reynatis Worldwide Release Date
Reynatis Worldwide Release Date

Even though Mother 3’s Switch adaptation is a huge announcement, the most intriguing one was reserved for the Japanese Partner Direct and included an action RPG by the name of Reynatis. But don’t worry, NIS America has announced that the game will be available on PC and PlayStation as well as Switch when it launches globally in 2024.

Here is the official Twitter post:

The “dark action RPG,” which is helmed by Takumi Isobe and is set in an accurate reconstruction of Shibuya, will be released globally in the fall of 2024, according to confirmation from NIS America. In Reynatis, players assume control of Marin and Sari, two characters thrust into the center of the “ultimate clash between magic and order”.

The wizard Marin and the MEA official Sari are on different sides of the battle between the free use of magic and order, and the game is characterized as having an “enthralling story that tackles oppression, clashing ideals, and the price of freedom” in the press release for Reynatis.

While hiding their power, players will be able to wander Shibuya and interact with people, enter businesses, and take missions. But there’s more to the game than Shibuya; there’s Another, a parallel universe that’s “teeming with ferocious monsters and secrets to uncover”.

It won’t be long until you have to reveal your actual identity and inhuman abilities in order to enter a “Liberated” state that allows you to use magic in battle. The press release also reveals that there are six playable characters in total, each with special powers, in the game, in addition to Marin and Sari.

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